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Environmental contamination by heavy metals — copper, zinc, chromium, lead, mercury, cadmium, etc. formed by emissions into the environment by industry. Found that most of the metal is deposited in the range of 1-2 km from the emission sources, and 10-40 % — in the range of 8-10 km from the enterprises. Precipi­tation adequately reflects the air pollution in towns. As part of the snow, as in the accumulative indicators re­flecting specific anthropogenic load of industrial zones. Important role in the accumulation of heavy metal complexes play a secondary minerals with organic matter and hydroxides of iron and aluminum. Major role in increasing migration properties of heavy metals play water-soluble organic compound, which is associated with 60-90 % of migratory environmental metals. Understanding the processes of migration and transition el­ements from one environment to another is of great practical importance for the study of the mechanisms and pathways to human exposure, assess the degree of toxicity of the chemical elements.

This article contains information about the availability of information on the State of the environment for the citizens of China. Access to environmental information was officially guaranteed in China in 2008, «the inter­im order the disclosure of environmental information, and since then efforts of many environmental NGOS aim to make this mechanism work. Institute of public policy collects official information on enterprises-pollutants and impurities and represents it on the site map pollution». In this organization now more than 80000 records, they also publish a variety of analytical work.

The work purpose in the aim of preservation of biological diversity, possible full research of fund of plants is one of main objectives of modern botanical science. During experimental research was put tasks to define specific structure of mushrooms, to reveal their biogeographical distribution and a bioecological state. Work is directed on studying of biomorphological and ecological conditions of the mushrooms meeting in a neigh­borhood of the settlement of Bakhta of the Karkaralinsky area. 

Currently, one of the most promising and demanded areas of microbiology is search for new strains of lactic acid bacteria to create probiotics and functional foods. Therefore, this article considers the search, selection, study and comparison of biological properties of Lactobacillus spp. cultures of lactic ferments from starter cultures (ayran) fermented in the countryside of the Karaganda region.

The museum excursion is a traditional form of work with visitors. Excursion is rich pedagogical features and has perspectives for further development. Educational Excursion is a type of traditional and common form of teaching. This type of excursion involves in-depth study of the theme, systematic and purposeful work for museum visitors. Widely used in the Palace Museum of Jan III Sobieski in Warsaw in the study of biology and environmental education.

Nowadays, most studies were conducted to assess effects of heavy metals to earthworms. However, there are limited data about toxicity of medical drugs to earthworms. The following study was conducted to assess tox-icity of pharmaceuticals to them. The toxicity experiment was performed according to Organisation for Eco­nomic Co-operation and Development (OECD) guideline toxicity test. Three pharmaceuticals (Acetamino­phen, Ibuprofen and Naproxen) were used to test their toxicity to Eisneia fetida earthworms in 0.1 mg/kg, 1.0 mg/kg, 10 mg/kg and 100 mg/kg concentrations. It was found that earthworms are sensitive to pharma­ceutical pollution. Acetaminophen caused fatality in high concentration and other pharmaceuticals deterio­rated the development of worms.

Authors showed that concentration around capillaries wall of complex Zn+2-chelator formed in result of inter­action in cytoplasm of B-cells of Zn+2-ions with diabetogenic zincbinding chelators is one of causes of devel­oped vascular changes in capillaries of pancreatic islets. These changes as alteration of basal membrane of capillaries, edema of endothelium, partial destruction of capillaries wall and hyperemia can to aggravate de­veloping of degenerative changes in pancreatic islets induced by Zn+2-chelator that result aggravation devel­oping of diabetes. Meanwhile main cause of developing of diabetes induced by zincbinding chelators is its ability to form toxic complexes with Zn+2-ions in B-cells that result necrosis and destruction of B-cells within short time.

Thymus serpyllum L. is a species of a flowering plant in the mint family Lamiaceae. Thymus serpyllum L. is widely used in medicine and pharmaceutics, in cookery, in perfumery, cosmetology, as a honey plant, and as an ornamental plant. As a result of the man's impact (developing of virgin lands, unregulated recreation, deg­radation as a result of grazing of cattle and other types of breaking) the area of the creeping thyme in North­ern Kazakhstan reduces noticeably. So, an important task is the development of the ways of conservation of this valuable steppe plant. The using of methods of biotechnology is one of the optimum decisions of the giv­en question. Initial explants — nodal segments of Thymus serpyllum L. — were cultivated on culture media Murashige and Skoog (MS), 1AMS, modified by Collet of Murashige and Skoog (CMS), modified Nitsch and Nitsch (NN), Schenk and Hildebrandt (SH). Modified NN medium proved to be the most favorable for culti­vation of explants of T. serpyllum L.After six weeks of cultivation of the creeping thyme on a given culture medium, an average length of shoots amounted to 7.13±0.9 cm, the frequency of rooting — 92.5 %, an aver­age length of roots- 1.52±0.4 cm. The multiplication factor was equal to 1:9.

Just within the Karkaraly state national natural Park (KSNNP) allocated 8 main habitat types pines on a num­ber of similar ecological characteristics combined into 4 groups Association pine granite hills by 8 illustra­tions. Group 1 — there is rock outcrops, devoid of soil cover. Group 2 — there is rocky-stones slopes with poor, mostly fragmentary soil cover. Group 3 — there are accumulative transit landforms with a close relative developed soil cover. Group 4 — there are floodplain permanent streams in mountain valleys with a powerful soil cover on alluvial sediments. 

In the article student-oriented environment and  reciprocal  approach  in  teaching  biology  are considered. The authors maintain in order to help students feel safe and comfortable in learning, the classroom needs to be student-centered. To show students what they know and feel proud of what they know, reciprocal teaching can be a powerful tool to become their own teachers. While preparing and delivering lessons, the following are improvements anticipated in students: ability to select useful and meaningful information from different sources, reading and analyzing information, organizing and highlighting relevant information to learn a topic, and oral and written communication of their learning. 

The article represents the factors and mechanisms of forming a creative personality of the teacher of art in the process  of  study  of  the  course  «Psychology  of  artistic  creativity».  Theoretical  research  of  L.S.  Vygotsky, A.V. Bakushinsky served as the basis for the development of the concept of artistic perception and creativity, and artistic and pedagogical practice. The author shows the innovative technologies at the lessons of artistic and creative cycle, the interaction of art in the artistic perception.

The analysis of the notion «pedagogical conditions» is represented in the article. On the basis of the comparative multi aspect analysis of the notion «conditions», the notion «pedagogical conditions» is defined and the main characteristic features are revealed. Pedagogical conditions are analyzed in the paper as a component of a pedagogical system; they reflect the environmental opportunities effecting personalityand processbased aspects of the system, enhancing its successful functioning. Different groups of conditions guaranteeing the effective functioning of  pedagogical  system  are  considered.  The  peculiar  properties  of  three groups of pedagogical conditions (organizational-pedagogical, psychological-pedagogical, didactic) are disclosed.

In article psikhologo-pedagogical criteria of the concept «personal development of the child» are considered. As the phenomenon of the personality and personal development in pedagogical science is among basic,  but at the same time a problem of objective definition of essence of the personality, her interpretation, and also identifications of factors of personal development is today one of the most difficult. According to the author, growth of number of children with the detained option of intellectual development aggravated a problem of studying, training and education of this category of children.

In the article is represented the early teaching of English. Early teaching English today appears as an innovative process that pedagogy is understood as a managed process of creation, perception, assessment, development and use of pedagogical innovations. The younger school age is  characterized  by globally operating game motivation at children, and on condition of the correct organization of educational process and the accounting of this factor development of a foreign language by the child will be rather effective.

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