World tourism trends

In the paper, an analysis of trends in global tourism is presented. The features of such trends as increased competition in the tourism market, demographic change, tourists taking care of health, technological developments, environmental protection, etc. are considered.

 Tourism continues to grow despite the economic downturn. Effective tourism strategies can create sustainable income providing the development of the country economics. The tourism industry is expanding its horizons, which can be identified by examining the trends in world tourism. Timely detection of these trends, determine the success of the activities for the development of the tourism industry.

Most governments contribute to the development of tourism appropriate policies and programs of the various tourist services in accordance with their tendencies.

One of the main trends the emergence of a new type of travel services for a more informed, active, independent, time-starved consumers who increases the frequency of trips with more varied and rich program and imposes higher requirements for service quality and capabilities choice of leisure and entertainment [1]

There is a link between the trends in the development of the tourism industry and the general economic, social and technological developments.

Sociocultural tourism implies a decrease in the effectiveness of cross­ national thresholds. As a result, a better perception of other cultures is expressed by human adaptation to a new culture, involving a different way of thinking, different norms of behavior, and manners of communication, traditions and customs.

The most important trend in the development of world tourism is the

 dramatic increase in competition in the tourist offer, which leads to the emergence of a growing number of countries with ambitious plans to attract tourists.

A necessary prerequisite of mass tourism, its development and overall demand are the availability of free time and the growth of material well-being of society. Demographic trends of social development is a positive factor for tourism. Therefore, the number of experienced older travelers will grow faster than the overall demand for the products of the tourism sector [2].

The family structure is becoming more diverse. Single mothers, single fathers, same-sex marriage all these social elements are the target groups for the hotel market niches. Many hotels claim to be tolerant of same-sex couples, and for some they even become the target audience.

There is a great demand for services in Muslim religion from the very beginning of the activity hotels, restaurants are aimed to provide high quality of service in receiving tourists who practice Islam and meet the specific needs of their religious, gastronomic, ethnic and cultural character.[3]

The next tendency of tourism is health s resort, which is considered less useful for health; reduce the demand for holidays that allows only stay on the beach, the growing popularity of outdoor activities and the demand for healthy food.

Recently, the role of psychological contact between customers and service personnel are increased. Emotional contact is connected first of all with a friendly staff member. Unfortunately, if the person does not possess this quality, he can’t work in the hospitality industry.

The increase in the average level of education affect the growth of interest in educational opportunities associated with spiritual development, the expansion of world view as art, culture and history. The development of information technology is associated with using of the Internet sources in getting information concerned travel services i.e. global booking system. Currently, "light guide" and "conciergeservice" are on demand and gaining increasing popularity in travel industry. The basi  of the demand - is the lack of consumer time. Regardless ofwhat kindof tourist, he loses his patience in searching information about the trip and was disappointed in a lot of brochures and websites. He wants something or someone gave him information upon request. Online concierge services, such as, have a lot of information, while consumers look for light guides of trip planning [4].

Increased availability of high-speed trains and fuel-efficient, low-budget airlines change the organization of tourism, but road service will be one of the biggest problems caused by traffic congestionand traffic jam. There is increasing awareness of environmental protection among the new trends of tourism development. The consequence will be increasing the demand for places where there are a harmonious relationship between man and nature. Centre for Sustainable Tourism Development of the National Geographic community in the U.S. introduced the concept of geotourism, which maintains or enhances the geographical character of destinations its environment, culture, aesthetics, heritage, and the well­ being of its residents.

Next trend of tourism development related to the previous issue and affects  providers of tourist services into environmental technology. According to the National Report on Tourism 47% of respondents of American company «Partnership’s» were willing to pay a higher fee for travel where the environment clean, while 85% reported themselves environmentally conscious. [4]

For his achievements in the field of environmental protection hotels and other places of recreation international environmental are awarded to «Green key», which confirms the compliance of Tourism Organization to fifty mandatory criteria: environmental management, staff participation in the environment protection, presenting environmental information for visitors, economical water use, cleaning and washing, an effective system of waste management, careful energy consumption, ecological production of food and beverage, environmental management and etc.

Tourism trends, like everything else in our fast-paced world, are highly variable. Take the circumstances into account, professional suppliers of tourism services must always keep a finger on the pulse to be updated on the latest travel trends


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