The use of e-learning resources

Modernization of the national education system makes it necessary to search for new approaches to the organization of educational process. Nowadays, informatization of education system is entering on qualitatively new level, because it solves the problem of effective use of electronic educational resources for the construction of the educational process. With the use and creation of electronic educational resources that allow you to control student’s individual work on a completely new organizational level, was aimed at the development of a variety of teaching techniques. [1]

First of all, let us consider what is "electronic learning resources (ELR)?" ELR - this is learning materials, for reproducing that use electronic devices.[2] Electronic training devices include: electronic encyclopedias, portals, expert systems, monitoring programs, dictionaries, a means for automatic control of knowledge, online tutorials, presentation materials, etc.

The main aims of this paper is: Find out whether the students know about the e-learning resources? What kind of e-learning sites used by students? How relevant ELR today?

To achieve the above aims, survey was conducted among students of medical universities of Astana, Almaty, Karaganda, Semey and Shymkent on website [3], where they responded to questions such as: Place of learning. Course of learning. Do you know about the e-learning resources? What kind of ELR (electronic learning resources) do you use? Assess the relevance of the application of ELR for today?

Also was conducted face-to-face questionnaires among students of South Kazakhstan State Pharmaceutical Academy, where they answered to questions such as: Do you know about the e-learning resources? Pros and cons of the ELR? The relevance of the ELR today?

The information gathered from the survey among students depicted that approximately all of them, who answer on survey know about ELR. On survey answered almost 100 students. The survey results were as follows:

59% of respondents were from SKSPhA, 15% of the Kazakh National Medical University S.D. Asfendiyarov, 5% is inherent for Karaganda State Medical University, 15% are students of the Medical University of Astana and 6% were students of the State Medical University of Semey (pic. 1).



During face-to-face questionnaire, managed to learn the knowledge of students about the ELR, about their pros and cons, also about the relevance of the ELR today. Most of the respondents know about the e-learning resources. Pros of resources are: the ability to distance learning, the savings in time, it is convenient to use, etc. Cons: strong effect on eyesight and health, do not all have the ability to use the ELR. Respondents, who answered on face-to-face questionnaire, also think that e-learning resources relevant today.

In conclusion, it can be said that, thanks to a survey conducted by the site and face-to-face questionnaire can reveal that most of the students know about the ELR and use the different sites for learning and self-development. Also, the ELR are very relevant and widely used today, as they have a number of advantages, such as distance learning, learning without textbooks, training away from home, etc.


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Year: 2016
City: Shymkent
Category: Medicine