Research of interrelation of empathy level and gender preferences among preschool age children

In the article the authors deal with the interrelation of empathy level and gender preferences. They have made the analysis of social emotions level and types of gender preferences received during an experimental re- search of preschool age children. The features of formation of a gender and empathy level have been defined. The comparative gender analysis of manifestation of social emotions, sympathy and gladness for others among senior preschool age children has been carried out. 
, 2015

The author raises the problem of the search of social integrity through an adequate understanding of it. In modern social philosophy there are many definitions, concepts and approaches in understanding of society, sometimes conflicting. One hand, the society is represented by an integrated organization by definition, but, on the other hand, this unity in the history of mankind has always broken. Then what do «integrity» as an attribute of the social structure and how to create it? It is necessary to have a correct understanding of the difference between such concepts as «society», «community», «state». The determining factor is also the using of the successful methodology of social cognition of study social life, especially today. All this is not only cognitive interest. The search for the integrity of society is a necessity for solution of social problems and disasters.
, 2016