Literature is a mirror of a nation, its reflection, its soul and heart. Literature is an essential part of our daily life. Literature is a term used to describe written or spoken material.
, 2011

In this article author tackles about the relationship between language, human, thought and environment first. Then he mentions about the relationship between culture, language and environment
, 2018

The purpose of modern education is the formation of an individual possessing comprehensive knowledge, new outlook on the future, and creative thinking. The formation cognitive competence of the students, their desire to strengthen their independence is the basic requirement for the improvement of the level of teacher’s educational activity in a com­ prehensively new direction. This article is dedicated to the methods of developing students’ cognitive skills, as well as the ways of improving the educational process at lessons of Kazakh language. Moreover, a special attention should be paid to the use of innovative technologies in the edu­ cational process in order to achieve good results in activation of cognitive activity of the students. As teaching is a special type of cognitive activity, works carried out in this direction is dedicated to the development of the competences of the students.
, 2017