Статьи, год 2011

It is well known that the structure and content of education, including postgraduate, are determined by socio-economic aspirations of society and its value orientation. Seamless integration of Kazakhstan into the international community and implement long-term social development priorities, development of civil society and building the rule of law urgently require a fundamental change in educational content. Particularly it relates to foreign language education.

Kazakhstan entrance the Bolonian process means the recognition our country of such priorities as maintenance of quality in education and increase in competitiveness of the European education, expansion of mobility of students and teachers, and also assistance to employment of students. Necessity of the international cooperation makes the skill of foreign communication as claimed and significant.

Sprache ist Teil unserer persönlichen Identität. Die vielen Sprachen, die von 500 Millionen den Bürgern der Europäischen Union gesprochen werden sind in einem großen Mosaik über Europa verteilt. Die Europäische Union erkennt das Recht auf Entfaltung der Persönlichkeit an und fördert gleichzeitig-parallel zu ihren Bemühungen um eine stärkere Integration ihrer Mitgliedstaaten — das Recht der Bürger, in ihrer Muttersprache zu sprechen und zu schreiben. Diese beiden komplementaeren Ziele sind der greifbare Ausdruck des Leitspruchs der Union „In Vielfalt geeint».

Politics of modern higher education in Kazakhstan is determined by the practical activities of higher education institutions and their integration with science and industry. To enhance the practical orientation of the educational programs of universities the proportion of professional practice is increasing, as the educational activity plays a crucial role in the development of competitive specialists — teachers of foreign languages.

Mоst trаditionаl EFL tеxtbооks hаvе mоdulеs dеsignеd tо incrеasе vоcаbulаry stоrеs. Althоugh thеrе аrе mаny diffеrеnt tеchniquеs fоr tеaching vоcаbulаry, it cаn bе diffiсult fоr studеnts tо еffеctivеly incrеasе thеir stоck оf nеw wоrds thrоugh mаinstrеam аpproаchеs; nеw wоrds аre mоst оftеn simplу аcquirеd thrоugh usе. In this rеspеct, it is sоmеwhаt similаr tо dеvеlоping rеading skills. Whаt I hаvе dеcidеd to fоcus оn hеrе thоugh is mаintаining аnd еxpаnding thе studеnts' vоcаbulаry аs thеy hаvе a fаir аbility tо еxprеss thеmsеlvеs, hаvе a gооd grаmmаticаl knоwlеdgе аnd аrе rеаsоnаbly cоmpеtеnt in skills wоrk аnd еspеciаlly rеаding, еxpаnding thеir vоcаbulаry cаn hеlp thеm nоticеаbly.

Stable and dynamically developing society can be built only by up-to-date educated people, able flexibly and cleverly react on the constant changes, possessing developed sense of responsibility for their destiny and destiny of the country. Thus, the leading development of secondary and professional schools is becoming the necessary condition of bringing up of such stuff. And for its realization the government needs to think out strategy oriented policy in sphere of education. One of the major role in this process must play Universities as key element of system of professional education. Existing in Europe more than 900 years and in Kazakhstan about 90 years the Universities made outstanding contribution in the development of civilization and formation of modern science. Universities can be referred to the etalon centers of culture promoting saving and developing of diversity of cultural achievement of mankind.

Concept of personnel management system has been formed gradually, since the science and practice mastered difference types and forms of integral unions of people. The history of ideas formation about human resources and current state of theory and practice in personnel management, connected to necessity of effective human resources system formation includes different approaches from human’s labor development history to effectiveness assessment of his activity.

In modern conditions in connection with development of numerous technological processes, both in a society, and in a science there is a considerable quantity of sources which create danger, as for harm-doing of the person, and to his property by the corresponding sources. Accordingly, also the quantity of cases of occurrence of obligations, owing to harm-doing by the given objects increases. There is a necessity to establish who will have the duty to bear consequences of such damage: the one who has caused it, the one who has incurred it, or probably any third party which wasn't harm-doer or victim. The appreciable place among set of various legal means by means of harmful consequences can be smoothed down, belongs to the obligation arising owing to a trespass by a source of raised danger. The quantity of infringements of the rights of citizens, despite accepted by a society and the measure state, unfortunately, still remains high.

Niniejszy tekst ma na celu ocenę polemiki wokół deklarowanej nielegalności demokratycznej decyzji prawnych, które oceniają ustawy i przepisy prawne jako niekonstytucyjne. Artykuł stanowi wprowadzenie do dyskusji na temat problematyki demokratycznej legalności kontroli konstytucyjności praw, w oparciu o doświadczenia brazylijskie, i w tym odniesieniu, zachęca do refleksji na ten temat w kontekście Polski.

Le principe de proportionnalité provient décidemment de la doctrine et de la pratique judiciaire allemandes. Quand le Tribunal constitutionnel polonais l’a reçue, le 26 avril 1995, pour la première fois, de façon complète et officielle, il l’a fait conformément a la formule jurisprudentielle de la Cour constitutionnel fédéral allemande [1]. Son approche comporte trois exigences. La première se rapport a la caractéristique dénommée appropriation (Geeingnetheit). La mesure restrictive de liberté peut être réputée appropriée lorsqu’elle est au moins capable de protéger effectivement l’intérêt légitime d’une liberté en  péril. En d’autres termes, le moyen est appropriée lorsqu’il est de nature a favoriser le résultat désiré. Le contrôle s’exerce en regard des informations dont l’autorité pouvait en tenir compte au moment de la prise de décision. L’évaluation de l’appropriation requiert du juge constitutionnel qu’il se substitue a l’autorité compétente dans la mise au point d’un pronostic.

The vast majority of Eastern religion plays a significant role, religious organizations, in some cases are more effective than secular political parties, the mechanism of influencing the behavior of the masses. An important and powerful tool is the Mosque, its practical ability to work with people. Activation of religious trends in the spread of Islam, their latent influence on the system of international relations set in the late 1960–1970-ies in the theoretical, political and practical terms, the problem of an Islamic alternative world order.

One of the earliest published examples of zooarchaeology was written by paleontologist Chester Stock in 1929 [1; 281–289]. He was given an assortment of animal bones found in the La Brea Tar Pits in Southern California. Instead of simply publishing a list of species, he identified the type of bone as known as an element, and calculated the minimum number of individual animals that must have fallen into the tar pit to have created this specific collection of bones. Stock’s analysis of the bones beyond simple identification of species is one of the earliest examples of modern techniques of zooarchaeology.