The article considers the psychological peculiarities of children in orphanages in science and practice. Defines the essence of the phenomenon of «we» in the orphanage. Presents special psychological problems of children conventional residential institutions and their differences between the pupils of children's homes of family type. A significant place is given to the consideration of the structure of the model orphanage of family type. On the basis of socio-pedagogical activity are identified in general terms, the tasks of the children's homes of family type. Examine the main branches of the correctional-educational work with children and the implementation of the principle of family education.

The article deals with the problems of religious extremism. Key concepts: ‘religious extremist’, ‘religious extremism’, ‘belief’ and attitude of the people under test to these concepts. The research has been carried out to study the attitude of the youth to these concepts. The research results show that there is no difference in attitude to religious extremism between young believers and atheists.