Philology is the study of language in oral and written historical sources; it is the intersection between textual criticism, literary criticism, history, and linguistics.[

In the article facing with such ignorance odoured mysery laws muslim women’s playces in society her confronted rightlessness, violents, tempo­ rary wedlock distroying many muslim women’s lives, forced marriages, forced marriges of underage women with old men etc. and reflection of these in our literary literature had been researched. Simultaneously op­ portunities like women value in islam religion, women rights its possesing equal right with men etc. had been spoken in the research. Also ancient turkish women’s heroism, knight, had been researched in the article. In research paper founder of Azerbaijan playwrighting famous play­ wright, writer M.F Akhundzadeh’s creation muslim woman’s life, their faced violonce, victims of ignorance and uneducation muslim women’s lives try to enlighten. Simultaneously, playwright tried to show muslim women’s defects in their world sight, ignorance uneducatedness, called them to education and culture. Akhunzadeh skillfully using the type to speak own language style, re­ covered their defects. In this research simultaneously, touched the oppor­ tunities like muslim women’s pure love, her faithfullness to her spouse, lover, conserning for her pare, being upset etc.
, 2016
Metalinguistic reflection of kazakh toponyms

The research work analyzes the influence of metalinguistic processing of geographic names in Kazakhstan. Any person or traveler wants to understand the meaning of a geographic name, when he sees familiar or unfamiliar geographic names during his journey
, 2018

This article investigates the importance of the term «concept» in mod­ ern human science. The essence of this notion is considered in the light of different scientific disciplines and approaches. On the basis of generaliza­ tion and analysis of theoretical works, devoted to the problem of concept, the properties and characteristics, the specificity of the artistic concept are revealed. In the process of analysis it was proved that in literary work, this term appears as a fixed option of individual author’s concept, which is accumulated in the semantic configuration of its concept sphere. The study of the artistic concept allows not only to penetrate in the nature of verbal creativity, generating artistic sense, but also to explore the art of communication. This paper examines the contribution of literature to the development of the concept sphere of people. It is stated that in modern philological science, this concept acts as a tool in studying the unity of the artistic world of the literary work and the writer’s national world.
, 2017

The article discusses the features of conversational vocabulary transla­ tion in prose, as the same lexemes can have different stylistic signs in vvvaaarrriii­­ ous academic dictionaries and clearly demarcated between mentioned in a speech lexemes. Analysis of English spoken language in the text of the novel by Thomas Hardy’s «Tess of d’Erbervilley» in translation from English into the Russian language shows that the translation of stylistically colored vocabulary causes some difficulties because of its national specificity, se­ mantical and emotional richness. In this regard, consideration of methods of translation of spoken and stylistically reduced vocabulary from English into the Russian language also remains topical. Sometimes translators solve relevant issues in the translation process. On the specific examples is proved that the lexical and phraseological units of colloquial style of any developed language reveals not only the specifics of the structural and grammatical organization of the language, but, most importantly, reflect in their semantics process of history and culture of the people. They are fixed and transmitted from generation to generation, culture attitudes and stereotypes. It is also determined that the use of the local language may be due to different geographical factors, as special colloquial phrases, dia­ lects, and sometimes accents in the speech of the characters.
, 2017

Literature is a mirror of a nation, its reflection, its soul and heart. Literature is an essential part of our daily life. Literature is a term used to describe written or spoken material.
, 2011