All over the world the market of a foodstuff is flooded by the goods containing genetically modified organisms. In agricultures of many leading countries-exporters of a vegetative foodstuff and vegetative raw materials, plants with the changed genetic code for a long time already are grows up. Production of new transgene plants as yet one of perspective and most developing directions of biotechnology in agro production sphere [1, 2].

Due to the rapid development of technology, industry, today the problem of the impact of ecology became important, and in particular, the impact of production with its factors on the genetic apparatus of an organism. Therefore, great importance takes the assessment of genotoxicity of the industrial environment with the subsequent development of activities to protect heredity of the person [1–7].

The specific particularities of spontaneous contractive activity of the pre and postnatal lymphatic knots of series of farm animals was discovered and registered one of us for the first time [1]. We established the specific differences of frequency and amplitude descriptions of rhythmic spontaneous contractive activities of knots and lymphatic vessels. It was revealed, that relations of the contractions of afferent lymphatic vessels to frequency of the contractions of efferent lymphatic vessels in somatic lymphatic knots was practically equally [1–3] for all species of animals (sheep, cows, pigs). But this correlation increased for the visceral lymphatic knots of cows and sheep (accordingly 1:8 and 1:6) in comparison with pigs. On the strength of experiment we worked out the conception of general vessels and knots system of the lymph transport, and the local and distant scheme of regulation of spontaneous contractive activity of the lymphatic knots and vessels was determined (pic. 1) [4]. 

All the world is marking the 200 th birthday of Charles Robert Darwin on February 12 th, 2009 and the 150 th anniversary of the publication of his most important work, ‘On the Origin of Species’. Undoubtedly, Darwin’s most important contribution was to evolutionary theory, but among his 25 books, one was devoted to earthworms.

Health is the main wealth of each person. Particularly, greater value presents health of children. It changes in process of the growing and developments. That is why it needs for regularly physician-biological checking for picture of the school children health. The processes of the growing and developments are the common biological characteristic to alive matter. Under development in broad sense of the word follows to understand process quantitative and qualities of the change of the human organisms (Rosinskyi L.X. 1978). Development comprises of itself three basic factors: growing up, changeable of the organism, making forms.

Chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) is the most frequently diagnosed case of the all chronic myeloproliferative diseases, which are affecting pluripotent stem cells of precursor myeloid, erythroid, B-lymphoid cells and megakaryocytes, also this is one of the common types of leukemia, occurring in 20 % of all cases of leukemia. Nearly a half of all patients usually discover the disease in the period of their higher professional and social activity, when they are between 30 to 50 years old [1, 2].

For investigation hard to studied species of birds it is requires to use new more accurate research methods. In a frame work of the project “Investigation ecology of Penduline tits” were used and evaluated innovative research methods and this article is concerned to them elucidated. All of following research methods were evaluated  on  two  species  of  Penduline  tits  in  Kazakhstan:  White-crowned  Penduline   Tit (WCPT)  Remiz coronatus and Black-headed Penduline Tit (BHPT) Remiz macronyx. On the basis of the research carried out we had have new data analysed of two Kazakhsatan’s species of Penduline Tits. As has been said that the researches were carried out in a frame of the project “Investigation ecology of Penduline tits” witch has received funding from the European Community’s Sixth Framework Programme.

The scientific works of 4th International Oligochaeta Taxonomy Meetings are presented. Modern methods of gathering and the account, taxonomy and the genetic analysis of different species of earthworms are resulted. Problems of systematisation of group are described. New methods of phylogenetic constructions are characterised. The basic of ecological researches in the biodiversity of oligochaetes analyzed in various regions of the world. The life forms informations is given in the aspects of modern ekologo-physiological researches. 

Literature review on natural-climatic conditions of urban areas is conducted in this article. Environmental assessment of urban areas is given. Natural and climatic environment of urban areas continues to lose its quality that makes it not only uncomfortable, but also dangerous to public health. Loss of quality of urban environment is associated not only with an extremely high level of physical-chemical air pollution, but also with noise, vibration and other anthropogenic impacts. These impacts on the surface layer of the atmosphere adversely affect the health of the population that uses urban areas both for recreation and for a walk or for other purposes. 

In article bioecological characteristics turgajsko-betpakdalinskoj populations Saiga tatarikа are reflected. The purpose of the conducted research consisted in participation of restoration of populations of saigas and their protection as the saiga is one of key kinds of a steppe ecosystem. For today the decision of this problem consists in that inhabitants of the Central Kazakhstan participated in all undertakings on protection of saigas because Betpakdalinsky population of saigas lives, migrates, is impregnated, prepared for winter time in this region. In article it is told about the spent actions in region of dwelling of this of populations.

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