Political science

Involvement and participation of young offenders to the criminal sphere always was particularly problem.  It was the reason of many discussions nowadays and . We offer to sort and note this category of minors in special point.
, 2017

Security is one of the main instruments of the financial market. This document which certifies property rights in the market often attracts interest of many. Therefore criminal liability for violations of the rights of subjects on securities market is provided in standards of the criminal legislation.
, 2017

The article deals with the specialities of political advertisement, which is not enough learned in political science. In spite of, the argued questions are also considered in this article.
, 2011

This article gives a brief description on how the corporate responsibility plays an important role in the partnership. When a foreign investment enters into the country to use natural resources it also takes on the responsibility to the country and its people. TCO has taken this responsibility very seriously it is almost as important to them as the level of production of oil and gas.
, 2012