The article raises the relevant problem of searching for a fundamentally new methodology of social cognition that will adequately reflect the realities of modern society

Only a few from the science, education, politics and business searching for sustainable solutions and new identities know and recognize that Vernadsky’s fate was the fate of a planter

The article examines the history of the introduction of the term "innovation" in the Kazakh land, explains its value. Also, the essence of innovative concepts through examples of Kazakh literature. 

There is no single country may be forced to impose trade liberalism, a deficit of international trading will drive them to practice protectionism of trading as to impose trade restrictive tariff or the like, regardless the rich or the poor countries

This study is aimed to examine the effect of moral reasoning and the student’s personal factors towards moral behavior of accounting students in the four basic components to b ehave underlying of any moral actions or moral behavior of an individual
Moral rationale and student’s personal factors of moral conduct

There are many assumptions about the sacral symbolics of number seven, as well as many of the facts on which it could be argued that seven at one or another nation is sacred. The article deals with the semiotics of the number sevenin the epos «Alpamys».