Pharmacoeconomic aspects of pharmacotherapy in patients with diabetes type 2 in the south Kazakhstan region

Introduction. Diabetes in Kazakhstan recovered to the level of socially significant diseases that require systemic solutions and public response. In Kazakhstan, in the last decade, there were more than 100,000 in South Kazakhstan, more than 30 thousand patients with diabetes. Of these, the majority (over 95%) - diabetes patients is 2. At the same time, selective epidemiological studies have shown that the actual number of patients with diabetes is 4-5 times higher. This suggests that the number of diabetes patients in our country reaches half a million people [1].

Research methods. When choosing programs pharmacotherapy of patients with diabetes mellitus (DM), it is advisable to take into account pharmacoeconomic aspects as management of this large group of patients requires large economic costs. [2].

Results of the study. During established that the leading oral hypoglycemic agents, applicable on the territory of South Kazakhstan region, the most commonly prescribed sulfonylurea derivatives were TTS (PSM) analysis of the data register of patients with type 2 diabetes at the beginning of 2016 (49%) of them are glibenclamide -19 , 32 □, glucoside, 15.68%, 14.0%, glimepiride and metformin (40%) as a monotherapy or as a joint (locked) combination (8.5%) and in combination with a basal insulin ( 7.4%). A positive trend was the increase in the number of patients with type 2 diabetes treated with insulin, from 10% to 19.2% in 2016. The increase in the share of consumption of lower-cost generic drugs compared to 2014 will significantly reduce the cost of glucose-lowering therapy.

The cost of a single month course and pharmacotherapy patients diabetes mellitus type-2 in a dosedependent type value month course of pharmacotherapy the patients diabetes mellitus type-2 in a dosedependent hypoglycemic drugs type presented in the table.

As can be seen from the table, a single tablet, and the monthly cost of drugs depends on the dose, type.

Analysis of the use of glucose-lowering drugs are presented in the table. The cost of medications from the sulfonylurea group: 1 month glibenclamide (3,5mg) and (5,0mg) were 147.0 and 123.3 KZT glikazida (80mg) - 500.0, glikazida CF tablets (30,0mg) and (60 mg) - 668.7 and 1342.8 tenge, glimepiride (1,2,3 and 4 mg) 912.6 -500.4 :,:, 1446.0 and 2179.2 m. The monthly cost of a dose of 1mg glimepiride is 912.6 tenge (100 □), at doses of 2, 3 and 4 mg exceeds 58,4%, 138,8^ and 193,1 □, sochetannyj drug metformin-50,7 □ . Combination drug glibenclamide to metformin higher than the corresponding dose on 231,6^.

The representative of the biguanide metformin, - (500,0mg, 800.0 mg 1000.0 mg) totaled 367.2 :, 576.3: 738.6 and KZT PD metformin (500.0 mg) - 748.2 tenge. Combined metformin (500.0 mg), glibenclamide (2,5 and 5,0mg) and glimepiride (2.0 mg) - 758.7; 408.9 and 2179.8 m. From Glinides and glucagon-like peptide costs repanglinida (2,0mg) and liraglutide and totaled 1974.3 and 743997.9 tenge.

Conclusions: Analysis of the use of glucose-lowering drugs for the treatment of patients with diabetes mellitus type 2 showed that the cost of drugs depends on the group, dose and type of the drug. From antidiabetic drugs has the lowest cost in the sulfonylurea group: glibenclamide (123,3-147) □ glikazid (500,4-1342,0) Dglimeprid (912,6-2674,8) .: low cost-biguanide metformin ( 367,2-748,2). The average cost glinides (repanglinid-1974.3), the high cost of glucagon-like peptide-1, liraglutide- 743997.9 tenge. Drug combinations occupies an intermediate position: glimepiride + metformin (2mg / 500mg) - 2179.2: metformin / glibenclamide (500mg / 2,5mg) -758.8 tenge, metformin / glibenclamide (500mg / 5,0mg) -408.9 tenge . The following drugs are recommended from the protocol does not apply: glitazones, alpha glucosidase inhibitors and dipeptidyl peptidase-4.


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Год: 2016
Город: Шымкент
Категория: Медицина