Ecotourism excursion routes of Ulytau region

Ecotourism is the main indicator of economic development. Ecotourism is now a priority sector and contributes to the sustainable development of the economy. The article deals with modern potential of ecotourism of Ulytau region and provides future development plans. By many in tourism development is planned in the Ulytau region because the in region of the picturesque mountains and lakes is very important. Development of ecotourism, based on the promotion of national values, historical and cultural monuments of the famous sights of Ulytau region and made the ecotourism routes.

Ecotourism is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the tourism industry. Ecotourism is distinguished by its emphasis on conservation, education, traveler responsibility and active community participation. Also known as green tourism, ecotourism is when people travel to a destination and take place in observing and interacting with the environment, learning about the cultures and practices of local inhabitants while promoting their well being. The tourists that visit many times take part in helping to preserve the natural habitat.

Ecotourism is now a priority sector and contributes to the sustainable development of the economy.

Ecotourist route — is the way of tourists travel to the order in visiting historical and  natural monuments, and other places, such as stopping places to rest. Ecotourism should accommodate and entertain visitors in a way that is minimally intrusive or destructive to the environment and will sustain and support the native cultures in the locations is operating in.

The route can be developed by tourist company or individual traveler. In the case of the passages is organized by a travel agency, participants are provided with guide service, sightseeing and other services, such as transport.

In the direction of routes are divided into linear, ring, radial. On routes tourists can be travel — on foot or horseback order, bike, car, water means of transportation. At the time of the routes are divided into year- round, seasonal and one-off. On the route can go a group of tourists, or one party.

Ecotourism-tech route map — the main document of the transport route.

At the beginning of the process of map indicates the name of the tourist organization, serving the route. This map is the main area where the actual geographical location of the facilities necessary information and guidance necessary tools. Routes highlight the difficulty level, travel plans and drawings, photo images.

Important map-scheme objects of Ulytau region was introduced in Google Maps. This is not just a map- scheme, a small provider. Google Map process has not yet been updated. It includes not only historical sites, as well as sending them clear. Map and schedule will be printed in three languages (Fig. 1) [1].

Ecotourism product — a set of ecotourism services to ensure the needs of tourists during the trip. Eco- tourism product — directed at providing tourist complex of (advertising, participation in fairs  and exhibitions, eco-tourism information centers sales, catalogs, booklets and distribution) services [2].

Kazakhstan is a very diverse country with a very diverse landscape. Vast areas of steppe, interspersed with waterland oasis. It also has two of the most beautiful mountain regions in the Altai in the East and Tien Shan in the south. The lakes of Kazakhstan, numbering almost 50 000, are scattered throughout the country. In some cases they are spread apart by hundreds of kilometers, and in others, they are clustered together to form lake districts.

  The physical map of Ulytau region 

Figure 1. The physical map of Ulytau region

 The main ecotourism locations in Central Kazakhstan are the natural oases at Karkaraly and Ulytau.

Kazakhstan has something for every kind of tourist.

Guide  —  a  specialist  who c nducts tours (for tourists and the local population). In addition to an excellent knowledge of sights it has to be sociable and in some cases even artistic person to interest listeners with available information [3].

The territory of the republic is an amazing natural and historical and cultural sights that attract   tourists from outside and opens up great oportunities for us in the development of the natio al tourism industry.

The territory of the republic is an amazing natural and historical and cultural sights that attract tourists from outside and opens up great opportunities for us in the development of the national tourism industry.

The purpose of the organization of the route through the promotion of national values, the creation of eco-tourism in Ulytau region of historical and cultural monuments, sights, nature.

The specific tradition Ulytau region.

Route: Karagandy — Zhezkazgan — Ulytau — Zhezdy — Zhezkazgan — Karagandy (Fig. 2).

 The ecoturistic routes

Figure 2. The ecoturistic routes

For example, the ecotourism routes of Ulytau region for 6-day (6 nights) usually are following:

The first day

Route: Karaganda city — Terekty Aulie complex. Duration: (445 km, 7 hours).

Karaganda — Terekty Aulie route. Lunch: 13.00 — 14.00 -

Terekty Aulie — walking tour of the archaeological complex. Dinner: 18.00. Overnight in the field.

The second day.

Route: Terekty Aulie complex — Zhezkazgan city. Duration: (85 km, 1 hour)

Breakfast: 8.00 — 9.00

The route starts from the visiting of the Terekty Aulie complex — a gallery of rock painting and rocks carv- ing, then observe excursion in Zhezkazgan city.

Lunch: 13.00 — 14.00

Route: From Zhezkazgan city. Duration:

Alasha Khan and Zhoshy-Khan Mausoleums (85 km, 1.5 hours) Dombaul Mausoleum (20 km, 30 min).

Zyngyrtas (95 km, 2.5 hours)

Ulytau region (15 km, 30 min)

The route starts from from visit to burial places of Alasha Khan and Zhoshy Khan.Then visit Zhingirtas. Was Built in the ancient masters of rock gallery Ulytau sights photos on pages of original culture as a whole.

The Habitat, amazing wild nature, ancient images, all depicted in Zhingiltas. (95 km, 2.5 hours). Ulytau (15 km, 30 min.).

Accommodation at the hotel. Dinner: 20.00 — 22.00

The third day.

Route: Visit sights in Ulytau region. Duration: (go down 3 hours) Edige mountain. Breakfast: 9.00 — 10.00

Ulytau — Edige mountain. Go to the top of the Edige mountain (3 hours to go down) — to look the moun- tain oasis (the height of the mountains is 1065 meters). On the top located burial places of Toktamys and Edige khans. Come down the mountain.

Lunch: 13.00 — 14.00

Make a tour of places in Ulytau region.

  1. National Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve «Ulytau».
  2. «Tanbaly tas»
  3. The area of «Hans».
  4. Park «Ketbugy».
  5. Park «Bes Arys».
  6. «Asan Kaigy»
  7. Park «Baubek Bulkysheva and Mukanna Imanzhanovu». Free time: 16.30 — 00

Dinner: 18.00

The fourth day.

Route: Ulytau — Altynshoky.

Duration: Altynshoky (55 km, 1.5 hours).

Baytileu village (49 km, 2 hours).

The grave of Zhusip (10 km, 2.5 hours). Breakfast: 9.00 — 10.00 -

Ulytau region — Altynshoky (55 km, 1.5 hours). About the great Tamerlan Altynshoky copies engraved mark on the mountain.

Baytileu village (49 km, 2 hours).

Lunch: 13.00 — 14.00 - 

Sightseeing tour along the river Tamdy petroglyphs, then visit the grave — Zhusip (10 km, 2.5 hours). Back to the hotel. Familiarity with the local population. On the travelling to the local village the tourists get the information on the Kazakh nationality, traditions and characteristic features.

Dinner: 18.00

The fifth day

Route: Baytileu — Ulytau village Duration:

Ulytau village (75 km, 2,5 hour.).

Aulie mountain (2 km, 15 min.).

Breakfast: 9.00 — 10.00 -

Baytileu — Ulytau village (75 km, 2,5 hour.). Lunch: 13.00 — 14.00

The route stars from the Aulie mountain (2 km, 15 min.). Aulie mountain (2.5 hours to get to the top, high is about 400 meters), the highest point is Ulytau (1133 meters).

Visit the burial place of the seven saintly people. Down — Ulytau (15 min.).

Hotel. Dinner: 18.00

The sixth day

Route: Ulytau village — the city Baskamyr Duration:

The city Baskamyr (60 km, 50 min) The city Ayakkamyr (15 km, 25 min) Zhezkazgan city (60 km, 40 min.).

Breakfast: 9.00 — 10.00

Baskamyr village (60 km, 50 min.).

The Monument of the integrity and unity of the people of Kazakhstan. Trip to the city of VIII-XII century.

From Baskamyr — Ayakkamyr were built in the era of the city of the Golden Horde (15 km, 25 min.). Ayakkamyr city in Zhezdy village (15 km, 25 min.).

Zhezdy Museum.

Zhezdy — Zhezkazgan (60 km, 40 min.). Lunch: 13.00 — 14.00. Hotel.

Farewell dinner:17.00 — 18.00.

This program is designed for people who want a variety of excursions.

However, there is no additional infrastructure and carefully placed emphasis on the use of these re- sources, tourism must admit to become competitive on the field for a long time. Ecotourism is very difficult to form the image of the tourist areas, but it is very easy to get lost status.

All in the possibilities for Kazakhstan, particularly Northern and Central Kazakhstan are plentiful, for the development of ecotourism in the area. However, 4 factors must never be forgotten [4]:

  • the tourism must be kept small, so as not to cause unnecessary damage to nature;
  • local communities must be included in the decision making process;
  • foreign tourism must not be at the expense of domestic tourism;
  • the environment must always come 



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