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Цель нашей работы - изучение аминокислотного и минерального состава травы чертополоха поникшего

Слово «этика» произошло от греческого «ethos», что в переводе означает обычай, нрав. Нравы и обычаи наших предков и составляли их нравственность, общепринятые нормы поведения.

Артериальная гипертензия (АГ) является важнейшей медико-социальной проблемой. У 30% взрослого населения развитых стран мира определяется повышенный уровень артериального давления (АД) и у 12-15 % - наблюдается стойкая артериальная гипертензия

Целью нашего исследования явилось определение эффективности применения препарата «Гинолакт» для лечения ВД у беременных.

Целью нашего исследования явилось изучение эффективности и безопасности препарата лазолван 30мг у амбулаторных больных с ХОБЛ.

Деформирующий остеоартроз (ДОА) в настоящее время является наиболее распространенным дегенеративно-дистрофическим заболеванием суставов, которым страдают не менее 20% населения земного шара.

Целью работы явилась оценка анальгетической эффективности препарата Кетанов (кеторолак трометамин), у хирургических больных в послеоперационном периоде и возможности уменьшения использования наркотических анальгетиков.

Для более объективного подтверждения мембранно-стабилизирующего влияния карбамезапина и ламиктала нами оценивались перекисная и механическая стойкости эритроцитов у больных эпилепсией

Нами было проведено клинико-нейропсихологическое обследование 250 больных с ХИСФ (работающих в фосфорном производстве Каратау-Жамбылской биогеохимической провинции)

C использованием разработанных алгоритмов и моделей был произведен анализ ситуации в системе здравоохранения биогеохимической провинции. Рассчитаны интегрированные показатели здоровья

Специфические особенности Каратау-Жамбылской биогеохимической провинции связаны с производством фосфорных минеральных удобрений.

Some data on character, behavior and food of the person depending on a blood type

Blood is the mobile internal environment of an organism, carries out the major diverse functions providing normal activity of an organism. Internal and all parts of a body it is information are connected among themselves. Data carrier a connecting link in a human body is blood, and some scientists claim that character, behavior and specific features of the person depends on a blood type.

Actuality: blood, providing nutrition and communication of all internal organs is one of the fundamental factors and a health indicator. Along with physics - chemical, physiological properties it possesses powerful information program.

The Japanese scientist proved Emoto Masara in practice that water as the liquid environment is capable to write down and keep information. Blood has all the qualities of the aquatic environment. Blood has a memory, the code and vibration , so sound and light, it can be transformed in composition depending on the power information causes.

Research aim: According to Japanese scientist, the blood type more defines character and specific features of the person. The behavior of analyses and the accounting of a blood type here call “to keets - eki - gata” and perceive it very seriously.

0 (I) “Hunter”; it possess from 40 to 50% of all people.

The most ancient and the most widespread. Ancestors led a life of hunters and collectors. Took that the nature gave today them and didn't care of the future. Protecting the interests, were capable to break any independent of the one who is he is a friend or the enemy. Immune system strong and resistant.

Qualities of character

These people possess strong character. They are resolute and sure of themselves. Their motto: “To fight and look for, find and not to be given”. Are excessively mobile, excitable. Painfully transfer any, even the most fair criticism. Want that people around took of them the hint and instantly carried out their orders.

Councils for behavior correction.

Try to get rid of self-admiration and arrogance: it can seriously prevent in achievement of the objectives. Stop to fuss and force events. You remember that the person aspiring at any cost to achieve planned, unrestrainedly being torn to the power itself dooms yourself to loneliness.

A (II) “Farmer”; it 30-40% of people possess.

Generated by the first compelled population shifts, it appeared then when there was a need to switch over to food by products of agriculture and respectively to change a way of life. From each individual ability to get on, cooperate with others within a densely populated community was required.

Qualities of character of this group of people:

Are very sociable, easily adapt in any situation, so such events as change of a residence or work aren't for them stressful. But sometimes show obstinacy and inability to relax. Are very vulnerable, hard transfer offenses and chagrin.

Councils for behavior correction

You don't aspire to senior positions. But try to get adherents that they maintained your interests.

B(III) “Nomad”; it 10-20% of people possess.

Appeared owing to merge of populations and adaptation to new climatic conditions. In it the aspiration of the nature to establish balance between the strengthened intellectual activity and inquiries of immune system is presented.

Qualities of character

They are open and optimistical. The comfort doesn't seduce them, and all habitual and ordinary casts boredom. Them pulls to adventures, and therefore they never will miss a case something to change in the life. Ascetics at heart. Prefer not to depend on anybody. Don't suffer the unfair attitude towards.

Councils for behavior correction

Reflect, can be your weakness consists in individualism? If round you there are no relatives to you on spirit of people, it is result of your independence.

AB(IV) “Riddle”; it 5% of people possess only.

Appeared as a result of mixture of Indo-Europeans and Mongoloids. Qualities of character

People meet the fourth blood type quite seldom. They differ soft and mild temper. They are always ready to listen and understand others. It is possible to call them the spiritualized natures and manysided persons.

Councils for behavior correction

You have an essential shortcoming: you are very indecisive. Can be in it partly and the reason of your unconflictness consists: you are afraid to spoil with someone the relations. But you are in the constant internal conflict with yourself, and your self-assessment very much suffers from it.

Among different nationalities and races of a blood type are distributed unevenly. So, 80% of Indians possess I blood type, among Asians prevail III, and at inhabitants of northern Europe - II. Diet depending on a blood type.

Some scientists see dependence between a blood type and a food allowance. For example, owners of the most ancient blood type (1) are recommended to adhere to a high-protein diet - there is a meat (except pork), fish and seafood. Vegetables and fruit are useful any, except the sour. It is better to avoid in a diet wheat and wheaten products, corn. And here people with the second blood type are inclined to oncological diseases, anemia, diseases of heart, a liver and a stomach. They are recommended to adhere to a vegetarian diet - to limit the use of dairy products, to replace them soy, it is necessary to use grain, fruit and fish.

It is considered that at people with the third blood type at the wrong diet appear instability to rare viral diseases, a syndrome of chronic fatigue. Therefore they are recommended to adhere to the balanced diet there is a meat (except a bird), eggs, grain, vegetables (except corn, tomatoes), fruit. Don't advise to use seafood.

The most “young” blood type - IV, to their owners don't advise to be fond of seafood, nuts, grain, vegetables and not sour fruit.

So, the analysis of literary data showed thus, that executing blood row important to the function also determines the role of the informative program of individual development of man, his character, level of consciousness, capabilities and talents.



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