Transition to Latin – a step to the future

Questions about transition of introduction of Latin alphabet into high education system of the Republic of Kazakhstan are concerned in this article. According to the head of state in the article «Course towards the future: modernization of Kazakhstan's identity», education – «the fundamental factor of nation success in the future», and that is why it is the one of high education institution teacher's tasks –to cultivate the value of education and innovative thinking. In this context, the special role belongs to the universities, which are scientific-research and education centers where students gain not only profound knowledge but also are formed as persons with high culture and an active civic stand. All universities of our republic contribute to process of transition to Latin. Scientists, teachers and students of the universities carry out explanatory work in the organizations and institutions.

Transition to Latin - is a historical need for Kazakhstan, it is one more opportunity to integrate into world scientific and technological processes.

The head of state approved the new version of the Kazakh alphabet when Kazakhstan took place as one of the most reputable states in the world where the reign stability, consent and unity of the people are. The government is entrusted to provide phased transition on Latin until 2025.

The idea of such transition by the President was voiced in 2006 at the 12th session of Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan, but it found the special relevance after the publication in April of this year in the article of the Head of state «Course towards the future: modernization of Kazakhstan's identity». In this article, the Leader of the country set a number of the specific objectives aimed at spiritual updating of the nation. One of key – is the transition of Kazakh to Latin allowing not only to modernize it, but also to open new opportunities for access to the most modern achievements of science and technology. Besides, there will be also closer association of the Kazakhs living in more than 40 countries.

For implementation of the above-mentioned program, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan formed the National commission on implementation of public consciousness modernization program on April 26, 2017. In addition, the plan of measures on its realization was approved, design offices of management of the program are created. The national commission provides realization of 6 directions of the program «Rukhani Zhangyru»:

  1. Transition of the Kazakh alphabet to Latin graphics.
  2. «New humanitarian knowledge. 100 new textbooks in Kazakh».
  3. «Tuganzher» — the patriotism expressed in love to motherland.
  4. «Sacral geography of Kazakhstan».
  5. «Modern Kazakhstan culture in the global world».
  6. «100 new faces of Kazakhstan» — the history of professional success of Kazakhstan citizens.

The most crucial mission for the translation of the Kazakh alphabet on Latin graphics was entrusted to the working group, which included the leading scientific experts, the specialists and the experts representing all key directions of linguistics: phonetics, orthoepy, standard of speech, stylistics, spelling, morphology and word formation …

Specialists of information technology, computational linguistics, programming and coding of language symbols worked together with experts in the field of Cyrillics, Russian, English, and the European and Turkic languages. The working group carried out tens organizational and scientific practical activities for discussion of conceptual and methodological approaches to modernization of the Kazakh alphabet. Thousands of experts were involved in it. Complex work captured also regions.

Coordination meetings took place with participation of the Republican center of development of languages named after Sh. Shayakhmetov, Institute of linguistics named after A. Baytursynov, Kazakh National University named after al-Farabi, Kazakhstan association of applied linguistics, Kazakhstan institute of strategic researches leaded by the President of Kazakhstan, and republican meetings «Tamyryteren alipbi» –with the participation of specialists from all regions of Kazakhstan. Subject discussion took place at the international Turkic seminar organized with the International Turkic academy. The working group actively cooperated with the international society «Kazak tili», institutes of literature and art, history and ethnology, philosophy, political science and religious studies, oriental studies.

More and more Kazakhstan citizens took the interested part in discussion every day. Latin stepped over writing borders. It began to be perceived as a standard in the new system of relations with the world, changing the country face. The strategy of strengthening of a state language keeping positions of other languages, including Russian, its parallel functioning on Cyrillics, creating unique portrait of modern Kazakhstan, became a factor of society's stronger consolidation.

Advantages of Latin, which is used by 4 billion population of the planet, are obvious to not only linguist specialists, but also most of Kazakhstan citizens. It is clear, that transition to new graphics will provide the new level of humanitarian and intellectual standards, access to a know-how and innovations. Although there is the time for approbation of an innovation, but the swing is not permissible.

High technologies develop so promptly that it is necessary to move with advancing. Higher education institutions joined in process of introduction of Latin as the first. Because they train future experts for all industries of our country. Considering experience of the developed countries, scientists rely on the principles of pragmatism. Global challenges demand revision of the settled canons in teaching and development of competence-based model of the graduate of higher educational institutions. Education in modern conditions appears as a powerful tool of demonstration of intellectual potential on the world scene. According to the Head of state in the article «Course towards the future: modernization of Kazakhstan's identity», education – «a fundamental factor of success of the nation in the future», and that is why it is the one of high education institution teacher's tasks – to cultivate the value of education and innovative thinking.

In this context the special role belongs to the universities which are scientific - research and education centers where students get not only profound knowledge but also are formed as persons with high culture and an active civic stand.

The program already gives the first results for rather short period by which it is possible to judge success of its realization.

It is also necessary to note that the program «Rukhani Zhangyru» successfully is implemented also in the E.A. Buketov Karaganda State University, that can be seen on the works, which are carried out in higher education institution. At the meetings of regional and university project offices of the program, the priority directions are chosen transfer of Kazakh to Latin graphics, the project «New humanitarian knowledge. 100 new textbooks in Kazakh» and introduction of polylingual teaching in higher education institution, namely its implementation in the state, Russian and English languages. Let us introduce each of them.

It should also be noted that in the center of translation of Kazakh writing into Latin graphics of Academician Ye.A. Buketov Karaganda State University held a Republican seminar «Problems of new Kazakh writing and graphics» with the participation of scientists of the Institute of linguistics. Of Kazakhstan and National scientific-practical center «Til-Kazyna» JSC named after shWith the position. The seminar was attended by the teaching staff of universities of Karaganda region, students, undergraduates, doctoral students and representatives of regional educational organizations.

The head of the center of translation of the Kazakh writing into the Latin script M.A. Tursunova organized a lecture «New spelling: the structure, principles and innovation» for teachers of the Karaganda state University named after academician E. Buketov, where she introduced the rules of spelling of the Kazakh language to the new alphabet.

According to the program «Rukhani Zhangyru», namely its project «New humanitarian knowledge. 100 new textbooks in Kazakh», there was presentation of 18 textbooks, which came to scientific library on May 28, 2018 at the university. On this project, the KSU of E.A. Buketov one of the first in the Republic received 4000 copies of the world textbooks translated to Kazakh. It is possible to look at the list of books and the summary on the website of electronic library of higher education institution [1].

In addition, it is necessary to mention the works having the purpose of introduction of a multilingualism (three languages) to educational process of KSU. The scientific library fully provides students with necessary literature in three languages: state, Russian and English.

There are also opened polylingual groups in which the qualified teachers teach disciplines in abovementioned languages. In addition, students take courses of vocational education to language and necessary terminology according to the chosen specialty.

Scientists of Karaganda create the author's program of a transliteration of the Kazakh alphabet from Cyrillics on Latin. Having sufficient organizational and personnel resources, KSU already conducts work on formation, discussion and preparation for introduction of Latin graphics.

In educational process of philological, historical, chemical, also philosophy and psychology faculties the discipline «Latin graphics» is entered. Scientists of faculty of mathematics and information technologies work on the author's program of a transliteration of the Kazakh alphabet from Cyrillics on Latin. For educational and methodical ensuring educational process mathematicians developed manuals on algebra and the differential equations for eight specialties.

KSU of E.A. Buketov, being the leading higher education institution of the region, has considerable organizational and staff potential, has wide experience of work in the sphere of polylingual education. Throughout the entire period of preparation of the Latin alphabet scientists of our university actively participated in a public discussion on the topical issues connected with latinisation of a state language.

Through the publication of articles, books, lecturing, the organization of exhibitions, creation of transfers, the broad explanatory and educational work is conducted on discussion and formulation of accurate and clear tasks and the prospects of transition to the Latin alphabet.

It is important to note, that the student's youth positivelyreceived introduction of Latin graphics in the short term. Students, as a rule, know several languages, are present at Internet space and do not see difficulty in use of Latin graphics.

The project office in the direction «Phased Transition of Kazakh on Latin» was created at the university, in which the group of scientists of the university and representatives of regional Management on development of languages common work.

«The center of development and transfer of Kazakh to Latin graphics» is opened and functioned on a constantly. The development and the realization of a complex of the activities connected with Latinizationis enabled thanks to their systematic work in higher education institution.

It is necessary to emphasize that upon transition to Latin graphics it is necessary to avoid loss of rich heritage of the Kazakh culture, science, the art and education created on Cyrillic as it came during failure from the Arab graphics. Therefore, providing effective solution of the technical issues connected with use and adaptation of the new alphabet is important. For this purpose, scientists of mathematical faculty the HAG of E.A. Buketov create the author's program of a transliteration of the Kazakh alphabet from Cyrillics on Latin. In addition, the translation bureau for translation into Kazakh of the best foreign samples of educational and scientific literature is created.

At KazNU of al-Farabi the projects «Al Farabi University – Smart City», «100 books», «Prosper sur- round» and others are consistently implemented. The staff of faculty of philosophy and political science actively participates in translation into Kazakh of hundred best textbooks on philosophy, psychology, sociology and cultural science.

One of effective institutes of implementation of language policy are mass media and new instruments of communication – social networks, chats and messengers. They also play an important role in transition to Latin, in acquaintance of Kazakhstan citizens with a new graphic system, its distribution and implementation. It is the valuable resource allowing tracing process of transition to Latin and in case of difficulties to react to them.

For public servants, managers, lawyers, administrators, the staff of mass media, educational structures, the implementation of Latin is getting particular importance. Because office-work and written communications – the most important part of work for them. Prospective sphere of new graphics existence became spheres of computer technologies, mobile communication and the Internet.

Introduction of the Latin alphabet is positioned in the country as a rod element of the state program of modernization of public consciousness. The head of state determined by one of key priorities phased transition to use of Latin that, in fact, opened a new historical milestone in spiritual and cultural development of society.

Today our country as dynamically developing state sets before itself the large-scale purposes on modernization of all aspects of life. It concerns introduction of high technologies, formation of digital Kazakhstan, forward development of national consciousness …

Use of the Latin alphabet which nearly 70 % of world's population use, in the Kazakh writing – a step natural, logically building in a paradigm of the reforms undertaken in the republic. As the uniting factor and national identification, it is difficult to overestimate a language role. It is the fact obvious. If we want to master world science and knowledge and not to lag behind in technical development, we need the Latin alphabet [1].Transition to the new alphabet will allow expanding entry into world information space. Now the whole world goes simplifying languages. It will be possible to write in Kazakh on any gadget, being worldwide.

It will promote easier development of the western languages because of the general Latin graphics, which will give us the chance to be consolidated, without it in the modern world is very difficult.

Ahead a big scope of work on introduction of the new alphabet. It is necessary to hope that in the near future it will become for all of us the necessary daily occurrence so habitual as well as life.



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