Virtual business' opportunities and advantages for economy


Objects: The principal goal of this article is to gather data about virtual business' potential and distinguish its benefits for daily lives of people.

Methods: SWOT-analysis that will correspond on identifying four main aspects of this phenomenon: its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the long-term.

Results: Virtual business seems to have many advantages compared to a regular one, as it is relatively cheaper to start, provides high efficiency and satisfaction of the workers. Nevertheless, it is clear that there are its own weaknesses such as lack of full trust between workers, scheduling conflicts and tough communication. There are many opportunities in this modern direction as getting work from a far-distanced locations and thus getting a wider choice of specialists in the company, also dealing with the unemployment issue in some countries. The main threats are loss of reputation, security and connection issues.

Conclusions: Proposing a set of elements for the development of a business model for virtual enterprises is the trend of the world. We were able to identify some elements needed to define the business model of a virtual enterprise. Which can stimulate economic growth of developing countries.


It is clear that in the age of modern technologies and scientific development, achievements are rapidly involved into every sphere of our lives, and economics is not an exception. Virtual business is receiving lots of admire nowadays, and it can be noticed that it is transforming business and economics irreversibly. The main aim of this article is to determine whether virtual business is beneficial or cruel for society.

One of the first internet-shops was; it was founded in the year of 1995 (Amazon opens for business, 2015). was a virtual commerce pioneer. As an internet bookstore, it conveyed and brokered bookstore administrations without a physical retail store nearness; proficiently interfacing buyers and venders without the overhead of a brick-and-mortar area. As Web 2.0 administrations have risen in notoriety, numerous businesses have started to utilize these communicative and collaborative innovations to reach their clients. With increased security, PCI DSS compliance controls and more rigid observing capacities, credit card exchanges through the Web are indeed more secure than other choices such as phone or fax. Alongside interfacing clients with physical items, virtual businesses are beginning to supply imperative administrations as well. As of late, the online conveyance of proficient administrations such as organization, plan, and showcasing administrations have risen in notoriety. Such companies have refined their offerings to incorporate administrations such as a Virtual Right hand, in which the individual giving the benefit works out of his/her possess office and gives administrations through the Web or other innovation (McFadden, 2019).

Literature Review

A virtual business goes through all or most of its business done via the internet and with no physical premises to interact with customers face-to-face. A fully virtual company may outsource almost all of its business functions including product development, marketing, sales, shipping, etc. Nevertheless, most virtual businesses maintain some activities in-house. This type of business may still require a physical presence in the form of headquarters, warehouses, shipping and delivery hubs, and other functions.

Virtual retailing is widely spread form of virtual business. It started from early 1980s (before the widespread adoption of the internet and world-wide-web) as companies such as AOL and CompuServe began offering subscription-based, dial-up services such as email, chat, electronic bulletin boards, and forums, all delivered through primitive text-based interfaces on various computer platforms. Available services eventually expanded to include newswire, stock quotes, and online shopping (The Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Organization Design, 2018).

The emergence of the Internet opened up a tremendous online commercial center for virtual commerce. The advancement of security conventions such as SSL in 1994 empowered touchy information such as credit card data to be securely transmitted over the World Wide Web (WWW) and e-commerce detonated as a result. Shockingly, the move to web retailing was a case of as well much as well quick and amid the dot-com crash of 2000 - 2002, few web retailers survived. Those that did such as Amazon, eBay, Priceline, etc. got to be e-commerce mammoths and nowadays are flourishing.

Amazon is the foremost popular virtual retailer and the biggest within the world, with over 150,000 workers and over US$90 billion in yearly income. Established by Jeff Bezos in 1994, it started as a virtual bookstore and with the approach of advanced books (ebooks) and e-readers has turned the distributing industry on its head. Conventional “bricks and mortar” booksellers such as Borders (who at its top had over 600 retail stores) were incapable to compete with Amazon's colossal determination, more costs, and free shipping. Borders recorded for liquidation in 2011. In expansion to ebook deals, Amazon markets its possess line of Encourage ebook readers. On normal, 12 unused books are included to Amazon's catalog each hour of the day. Amazon rapidly extended their online offerings to incorporate deals of CDs/DVDs, video recreations, hardware, and a tremendous assortment of dry merchandise in nearly each retail category counting attire, domestic, and plant, car, equipment, etc. In 2002 Amazon started offering cloud computing administrations and is presently the world's biggest cloud computing supplier.

Non-retail businesses are moreover grasping the virtual trade show. One case is the IT division. These days it is common for program improvement firms to have workers in different distinctive geographic regions working collaboratively on differing ventures. This permits for the conveyance of labor to lower-cost wards as well as progression of client bolster over distinctive time zones. Mail and online meet- ing/conferencing encourage communication and decrease or dispose of the require for face-to-face interaction.

Numerous businesses virtualize portion of their operations by, for illustration, permitting representatives to work from domestic or outsourcing trade capacities such as human assets. Call/contact centers are another perfect candidate for virtualization and numerous organizations such as IBM and JetBlue permit their call center workers to work from domestic.

A Virtual Trade could be a company working with a really restricted physical nearness. Regularly these non-conventional organizations are built from scratch, depending much on the utilize of data and communication innovation, in specific Web innovation (E-Business). But they can too be shaped from an existing conventional firm through Outsourcing most or all of its capacities, such as planning, fabricating, showcasing, offering its products and administrations. Outsourcing happens when company employments an exterior firm to supply a vital trade work that might something else be done in-house. In its most progressed frame, outsourcing makes it conceivable to construct a completely virtual company with as it was one single representative: the businessman (Rebecca, 2020).

One of the primary issues facing startups and home businesses is having a separate physical address for their companies. Some choose to use PO Boxes, but that can create a lack of flexibility, privacy, and credibility to your business. So, what is another option for a startup looking to make a big impact?

A virtual business address is an ideal solution that will provide the best value with the benefits of having a commercial business address while working from home. It is a real physical street address that can be used for almost all purposes.

Numerous virtual business visionaries are being fruitful right now. I have assembled a rundown of eight online business visionaries that I for one follow and have worked with - people that all businessmen can take in something from, particularly those keen on beginning or growing an online business.

Jeff Taylor: As CEO of DEVISE, Jeff Taylor has broad experience building beneficial online organizations. What started as a website architecture and promoting firm in the long run changed into a substance that makes, markets, adapts and afterward in the end sells sites. Taylor and his accomplice Evan Lisabeth can develop online organizations at a fantastic rate.

Taylor focuses on the significance of making a move promptly, expressing, "I've had a large number of thoughts, however except if you put activity behind them, nothing will happen to the thought. There's no motivation to trust that the ideal time will begin a venture. Begin chipping away at it today."

Tim Seidler: Tim Seidler is a spouse and father of two kids that utilized online enterprise to totally turn his life around. He was once in a spot that numerous people get themselves - utilities killed and charges he was unable to pay. He accomplished something that many do not have the mental fortitude to do - Seidler quit his place of employment and put 100 percent of his time and exertion into making an online salary, as of late selling an arrangement of sites for six figures!

Through his site, Get Niche Quick, Seidler writes about the highs and lows of his enterprising excursion. His straightforward methodology is useful, as businessmen will see that there are acceptable days and terrible days in any business. Seidler shares his present and future tasks and furthermore straightforwardly talks about his salary - sharing the two his best month-to-month profit just as day-by-day income. There certainly is not an absence of motivation and I energetically prescribe following Seidler's online business venture.

Dom Wells: Associate promoting is a colossal business, however in all actuality numerous business visionaries quit in light of the fact that they get debilitated when they don't see moment results. It requires some investment and a very much idea out technique to make sizeable income through subsidiary advertising. Dom Wells, an exceptionally fruitful online advertiser, offers direction to business visionaries that need to figure out how to bring in cash on the web.

His site, Human Proof Designs, offers preparing through its blog to the individuals who need to figure out how to begin a specialty site the right way - everything from specialty research to adaptation is secured. Wells does not simply talk the discussion. He strolls the walk, continually making new specialty locales to add to his portfolio and transforming his encounters into contextual analyses for his perusers (Gaille, 2017).

Steve Rendell: Steve Rendell is the man behind Texfly, an online asset for businessmen who are keen on making beneficial specialty sites and positioning them high in query items utilizing the intensity of private blog systems. Rendell's site stands apart in light of the fact that he is not hesitant to discuss what truly works.

A few SEO experts will move around the subject of private blog systems, rather trying to say that quality substance ought to be the principle center. Overall, private blog systems rank sites and a large number of the world class SEOs utilize similar strategies - they simply don't transparently examine it. The blog and private blog arrange outline that Rendell makes open on Texfly are certainly justified regardless of the read and something anybody with an online nearness will profit by incredibly.

Stuart Walker: A businessperson that works in online specialty promoting, Stuart Walker shares his understanding and information on his site, Niche Hacks. Walker is an under-30 business visionary that ventures to the far corners of the planet and brings in cash from a wide assortment of online resources. He is experiencing the fantasy many try to reach through online organizations.

Since such a significant number of individuals flame out and surrender before arriving at their latent capacity, Walker chose to begin a blog that centers around specialty look into and the alternate routes he by and by utilizations to make a sizeable full-time pay while living area free. His best data is free and something that every online businessperson can discover an incentive in - and his blog entries about developing traffic and advancing substance is something that each entrepreneur will gain from.

Tung Tran: To be fruitful online you must have a solid comprehension of how to rank naturally in the list items. This is gainful to business visionaries that need to begin their own online-based organizations just as those that need to rank their physical business sites. Tung Tran is an online businessperson that reports his prosperity and procedure on Cloud Living.

Tran talks about how to begin an online business and how to drive traffic utilizing a few methodologies. I hear such huge numbers of individuals talk about how they could not imagine anything better than to procure a living through an online business yet, they are not sure where to begin. Its business visionaries like Tran that give the motivation and handholding that helps various individuals become fruitful online entrepreneurs.

Alistair Gill: With an online nearness being such a critical piece of each business' displaying and special procedure you can never learn enough about substance the board frameworks, site improvement and web examination and measurements. I follow Alistair Gill to remain current with SEO patterns and in light of the fact that I make the most of his top to bottom logical posts on his own blog.

Gill's blog entries are pressed of helpful data and he gets a kick out of the chance to assemble bits of substance that highlight a while of information and research. I truly like perusing contextual analyses and aides with information - these are the kinds of blog entries that you can peruse and take the discoveries and apply them to your own business.

Melanie Duncan: Melanie Duncan is a genuine motivation to businessmen the world over. She refers to the accompanying as an issue huge numbers of us have: "In the event that you don't figure out how to adequately take a shot at your business, rather than 'in' your business, you will always be unable to deliberately develop and you'll forfeit the personal satisfaction you merit." (Bernazzani, 2020).

An examination done by FlexJobs and Worldwide Work environment Analytics found that there has been a noteworthy upward design within the degree of individuals working remotely within the US Within the run of one year, from 2016 to 2017, inaccessible work got to be 7.9% (DeRosa et al., n.d.). All through the foremost later five a long time, it got to be 44% and over the past 10 a long time it got to be 91%.

Between 2005 to 2017, there was a 159% expansion in remote work. In 2015, 3.9 million U.S. laborers were working remotely. Today that number is at 4.7 million, or 3.4% of the populace (Top Virtual Assistant Services Companies, n.d.).

In an article by Pragli, a virtual office item for remote groups, remote work was seen as progressively regular in urban communities with high salary levels. Why? "Remote work positions will in general be information work that pays more significant compensations, for example, programming building and bookkeeping."

Pragli additionally found that areas with little remote populaces for the most part have businesses "with physical work requirements, for example, farming and assembling." Many industrial employments like this is impossible from a home office.

80% of U.S. laborers state they would turn down an occupation that didn't offer adaptable working, and it's so critical to them that in excess of a third state they would organize such courses of action over having an increasingly lofty job. In another study, more than three-fourths of respondents refered to adaptable calendars and remote work as the best nonmonetary approaches to hold representatives.

Among execution based remote work insights, 85% of organizations affirm that profitability has expanded in their organization because of more prominent adaptability. In addition, 90% of representatives state considering progressively adaptable work courses of action and calendars would expand worker resolve, while 77% state permitting workers to work remotely may prompt lower working expenses.

Amerisleep's investigation of 1,001 telecommuters found that they are 57% almost certain than the normal American to be happy with their activity. In addition, about 80% of respondents portrayed their run of the mill anxiety during the weeks' worth of work as either "not focused" or just "modestly pushed."

FlexJobs' yearly overview found that 65% of respondents are gainful in their home office than at a customary work environment. Less interruptions and interferences, less worry from no drive, insignificant workplace issues, and a customized, calm condition are generally supporters of an increasingly gainful telecommuter.

In another overview, 47% said they firmly concur that adaptable work courses of action "would or do permit me to be progressively gainful" and 31% said they to some degree concur (Savitz, 2012).

Telecommuters will in general take less days off, likely because of less introduction to germs in a run of the mill office. As indicated by Indeed's Remote Work Survey, half of remote representatives said working from decreased their days off and 56% said it diminished their unlucky deficiencies.

In FlexJobs' Work-Life-Relationship overview, 86% of respondents figure an adaptable employment would lessen their pressure, and 89% said they figure they would have the option to care more for themselves.

As per a report done cooperatively with FlexJobs and Global Workplace Analytics, the normal yearly salary for most remote workers is $4,000 higher than that of nontelecommuters. Along with that the capacity to set aside more cash—FlexJobs gauges $4,000 every year—and telecommuters dominate the competition.

In the State of Remote Work 2019 study that pattern proceeded: "The pay breakdown of telecommuters overviewed was 74% gaining under $100k every year, and 26% winning more than $100k every year. In examination, the on location, laborer's pay breakdown was 92% winning under $100,000 every year, 8% win over $100k every year." (Andersen, 2018).

Adaptable work, particularly telecommuting, decreases traffic blockage, air contamination, and street mileage with either a diminished or wiped out drive into an office.

As indicated by the "2017 State of Telecommuting in the U.S. Worker Workforce" report: "Existing remote workers decrease ozone harming substance discharges by what could be compared to taking more than 600,000 autos off the street for a year. In the event that the work-at-home workforce extended to incorporate the individuals who could and needed to work from home portion of the time, the GHG reserve funds would like to take 10 million autos off the street."

Telecommuters have life span. As per the Remote Work Report, "42% of individuals who are 100% remote said they have been working remotely for over 5 years. 28% said they have been working remotely for 3 to 5 years. 19% said they have been working remotely for 1 to 2 years. What's more, 11% said they had been working remotely for not exactly a year."

In ongoing report from Zillow, the greater part of home purchasers who work remotely state remote work affected a significant home change, regardless of whether that is moving to an alternate house (28%) or to an alternate area (24%) (Gaille, 2017).

Furthermore, 30% of home purchasers showed that a drive somewhere in the range of 15 and 29 minutes was their maximum. What's more, just 12% of home purchasers said they were happy to drive an hour or more.

Besides, 62% of Gen Z and millennial home purchasers work remotely in any event one day out of every week. Remote work gives the workforce's two most youthful ages, who are frequently troubled with understudy obligation, more alternatives with where they live, lessening the need to live approach enormous metropolitan downtown areas so as to expand profession potential.

At last, in an examination directed by Condeco Software, 41% of worldwide organizations studied state they effectively offer some level of remote working, while 60% give strategic scheduling openings that permit representatives to pick when to begin and end their workday. Upwork's "Future Workforce Report" predicts that 73% of all groups will have telecommuters by 2028.

It really is ideal, as well, since 75% of current telecommuters state that they intend to work remotely for the remainder of their vacation (DeRosa et al., n.d.).

Remote works measurements show benefits no matter how you look at it, running from natural to execution-situated benchmarks. In case you are keen on becoming familiar with remote work, we have you secured! Look at our blog to find out about the most recent in remote work, profession advancement, thus considerably more.

David Karney, who has been working at Virtual Business Partners full-time shares his opinion about his job and says that there are many advantages such as chill environment, friendly people, no dress code and accessibility of the location, also good HMO cover and several interest groups. However, he also states that the salary is not that competitive compared to other back offices, considering that out workload can be a bit much. There are too many extra-curricular company/squad activities and it can be quite distracting and puts unnecessary stress (Current Employee - Financial Planning Assistant, & Current Employee - Financial Planning Assistant, 2018).

Also, one of the current employees decided to share his opinion. “The activity is intricate with next to no help yet in the event that you catch on quickly and are open to inquiring about/showing yourself, you can do well here. HR is wonderful and I feel like they really pay special mind to their representatives and attempt to accomplish a reasonable work/life balance. Strategic scheduling, yearly raises, visit exercises/occasions (occasion party, family day, and so on), and astounding protection are the advantages of this activity. Then again, you are continually tossed new data and activities so you should act naturally spurred and sorted out. It can get upsetting. Progression is conceivable however you should have some karma and know the correct individual at the perfect time. The board tracks everything (efficiency, quality, and so forth) so they will know whether you are carrying out your responsibility and in the event that you are progressing admirably. So as to progress however, you must be near the perfect individual at a time they are hoping to advance. Turnover rate is high so despite the fact that there are coaches, you are all alone once you are never again new. Upper administration will in general spotlight on numbers and profitability and could think less about quality until the customer brings it up. Correspondence is poor. Heaps of compulsory additional time and they couldn't care less on the off chance that you have children or different commitments. Compel will in general stream down from upper administration so it is upsetting and tense. Mostly, the activity not well, the compensation is alright yet not extraordinary, and the structure is truly self-destructing. Nevertheless, strategic scheduling is decent, benefits are extraordinary, and there are acceptable collaborators there supporting each other to get past the day. It's a great job to get your foot in the entryway, get your experience, and get out (Columbia, n.d.).”


To analyze this phenomenon, it was decided to use a SWOT-analysis method. This method was chosen due to various reasons. First idea to mention is that it will give a full see an overall picture of the virtual business, deduce why it is becoming trendy and obtain applicable data for further planning. This method also demonstrably illustrates the strengths of this type of business. Seeing them benefits in distinguishing possibilities and potential. in addition, while being provided with the weaknesses, there is a high chance and an

opportunity to try inversing them in order to take advantage and maximize the strength. It means that weak parts of the project might become insignificant if opportunities are incorporated.


In the result of the research work, the SWOT-analysis has been done.

S: The main strength of the virtual business is that it has lower overhead costs. It is no secret that money issue is known to be common these days, therefore people are widely searching for an alternative to a regular business, so they decide to conduct it online. Aetna Corporation was able to afford 2.7 million square feet of office space and save $78 million due to a deviation toward virtual organizations and remote work. American Express also enjoyed lower overhead costs to the tune of nearly $15 million due to a focus on hiring remote laborers (The Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Organization Design, 2018).

It is crucial to remember that employees are much more satisfied with their work. Operatives are more delighted when they are able to work from home. According to the results of the CoSo Cloud survey, 82% of remote workers have lower pressure levels. The research also proved that a shift toward remote work led to less absences and a higher morale (Briana, 2011). Not surprisingly, efficiency of their work highly increases due to their positive attitude towards work they do. Less than a third of the workers studied claim that they were able to gain achievements much faster.

W: There is an absence of mutual trust. Telecommuters occasionally talk up close and personal. Indeed, even organizations that utilize video visit arrangements frequently find that it is not sufficient to completely recreate fellowship that you construct when you cooperate in an office domain (Savitz, 2012). There is less open door for offhand discussions. You learn less about the individuals that you work with. Organizations with remote groups need to find a way to unite their groups and encourage that harmony. A Requirement for Expanded Spotlight on Correspondence. Since your groups will not have the option to pass data between themselves like they would in an office domain, you have to give them the apparatuses and strategies that guarantee that they effectively convey. Regardless of whether that implies setting up a leeway channel, jumping on every day calls, or basically reassuring them to email each other new data regularly — correspondence assumes a key job in the achievement of virtual associations.

O: Virtual business can be provided in developing countries, due to its relatively low costs. Residents who have an access to the worldwide web will be able to spread their ideas and share with the whole world.

Many services nowadays are almost impossible to reach due to high density of people, population experiences difficulties with such simple tasks, and virtual service is the key solution to this issue. There is an opportunity to technologize this kind of matter (Bernazzani, 2020).

Employers of the virtual businesses can afford themselves hire anyone from the world, opening boundaries and allowing to get more talented people from anywhere, receiving a variety of people and get better and more proficient people without limiting due to a certain geographical location. Therefore, it is also significant in organization's development and availability around the globe, so that this company will receive more customers than it would be possible if they were adhered somewhere (17 Stats About Remote Work in 2019, 2019).

T: There might roll up reputational dangers. An ineffectively run virtual group can prompt thumps to your notoriety. Some potential clients might be careful about working with an organization that has a virtual office with remote representatives and may not pay attention to your startup idea. Along with that, there are security and consistence Issues. Working remotely implies passing a ton of information to and from. In certain enterprises (wellbeing, money related, and so on.) it might be unreasonably dangerous for new businesses to decide on a virtual hierarchical structure.


We see a huge disadvantage in the lack of trust between employees and employer due to few face-to- face interactions. It is more preferred to have weekly or daily discussions online on such networks such as WhatsApp or Skype that allows having a video call between several people. This will not take a lot of time; however, it will contribute in improving relationships of people of one company, as they will get to know each other better and be able to operate a symbiosis. There is a high rise in educational services online and it will be very useful for people who cannot find time to go to a different place for studying so they prefer to stay home and still gain knowledge. Numerous shops are now working online and supplying goods in a couple of countries in a row. Virtual shopping is very popular nowadays without no reason. It is a fact that there are people who are searching for work very intensively and they find it almost impossible to get a job where they live. It is expected that they are able to find a job online, whereas employers will be able to choose between bigger number of people and choose the one they find right for them.


To sum up, many of daily activities of humankind are taken over by technologies. By improving the structure of business of today, virtual business is worth the fame it is receiving these days. In accordance with the SWOT-analysis results, it can be concluded that this type of business is just at the beginning of its development. There is a wide range of opportunities for entrepreneurs and people who are searching for a good job. Along with them, regular people are able to receive service just by ordering it online, which undoubtedly makes their lives easier. An innovative approach towards these kinds of jobs will contribute in technological development of humankind in the nearest future and opening of new vacancies for the new professions of the future. In CIS countries, these changes in virtual business happens slowly than in America and our article shows the technological advantage of USA.


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