Methodology of organization for independent work on classes basic military training in the ioth grade

At present the educational content and its structure is undergoing changes due to the transition of the society to the information stage of development. The present stage of development of society characterized by rapid increase in the volume of scientific information. In these circumstances, the society needs people capable of active creative mastery of knowledge, able to react quickly and appropriately to changing situations and to predict the development of events. These changes pose new requirements to the graduates of schools. The graduate should possess knowledge and skills, universal methods of activity, key competencies needed in everyday life, allowing to successfully make their professional choice and continue their education in the chosen field of activity.

For the Republic OfKazakhstan quality of education has Ofparticular importance: it is not only our challenge of globalization, but also a criterion of development of the competitive state: «how quickly will close the gap in the quality of products and services between Kazakhstan and developed countries, depends the perspective of Kazakhstan be equal partners in the role of harmoniously developed and advanced countries with high technological level and quality of life of citizens, the relevant standards of the XXI century».

Solution of tasks of modern education determines the necessity of formation at pupils of key competences in different spheres of activity: civil, social and labour, consumer, cultural and leisure activities, including in the sphere of independent educational activity.

A.V. Khutorskoy under the competence in the sphere of independent educational activity understands «the willingness of the student of goal-setting, planning, analysis self-evaluation of educational activity». Unlike individual skills or skill competence requires the use of complex immediately skills; its formation occurs as a result of the implementation of the activities in which it is necessary to determine the objectives analyze problems, find solutions, to carry out the assessment.

In the works of G.I.Shchukina revealed that independent educational activity affects the structure of the personality, facilitates student-relevant processes, attitudes, plans, defining the schoolboy.

According to T.I.Shamova, independent work of students promotes independence for children. J.K. Babansky claims that it is the basis for the creative activity of students.

A.K. Markov in his turn notes that independent work of pupils increases interest in learning and ensures the success of learning activities.

Along with the notion of «independent educational activity» in pedagogy there is the concept of «independent work». Most research focuses on the study of essence and classification it is independent works, teaching methods of their organization.

Definition of independent work of students, although not devoid of a certain onesidedness, according to P.I. Pidkasistogo, is given in the work B.P. Esipova «Independent work of students included in the process of learning is a kind of work which is carried out without the direct participation of teachers, but his job in a specially provided for this time; in this case, students consciously seek to achieve the objective of setting goals, using its efforts and expressing in one form or another the result of mental or physical action.

P.I. Pidkasistogo emphasizes that with the correct formulation of the learning process in all its links to the activity of the students. The high level of activity achieved in independent work, organized by the educational objectives.

First, in understanding the essence of independent work of the under-represented significant feature - student creativity, which in the structure of cognitive activity of a pupil is the integral sign of internal procedural and productive (effective) the parties to the independent activity of the student. Secondly, the concept described insufficient reflection found the question about the unity of procedural and logical-content parties of each type of self-activity. And that's what it produces in the educational activity of formalism in the use of different types of independent work, boring and monotonous- monotonous activity of students.

Independent activity of students can and should be organized at different levels: from the reproduction of action on the model of the recognition of objects by comparing them to a known pattern to produce the model and algorithm of actions in emergency situations.

We fully agree with G.A.Danilochkina, which believes that independent work should be individualized to the content or performance methods by the students. There are the following types of individualization of independent work: different in content, but made the same way; the same in content, but done in different ways; different in content and executed in different ways. The teacher should take into account that in the preparation of tasks for independent work of the degree of complexity must meet the educational opportunities of children.

Transition from one level to the other should be carried out gradually, only when the teacher is satisfied that the student to cope with the next level Ofindependence.

Meanwhile, teachers allocate difficulties encountered during the organization of independent educational activity in the practice of school. The learning activities provided by school textbooks do not always allow consideration of the individual capabilities of the students, «often do not represent a system»; low level of training and motivation of pupils causes the lack of effectiveness of this activity; causes difficulty evaluation fact «autonomy» in the process of educational activity.

The relevance of our study is determined by the objectives of modern school education is to increase significantly the share of independent educational activity. Currently, however, little research, discuss the features of this activity in the senior classes the classes of basic Military Training, conditions of formation of competence of pupils in the sphere of independent educational activity; there is no wide choice of educational, methodological literature in high school. So you want a substantiation of the method of organization of independent work of students at the lessons of basic Military Training.From this it follows objective of the study - rationale, development and implementation of methods of organization of independent work of students in the classroom of basic military training in the IOth grade.

Year: 2014
Category: Philology