Rukhani zhangyru-the key to a successful country



The program article of Elbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev "Bolashakka bagdar: rukhani zhangyru" is an important document that reflects bold, balanced opinions, bold decisions reflecting concrete steps and a vivid example of the country's development. This article raises an urgent question about the interests and goals of modernizing consciousness, not losing national identity, national code, but combining it with world values and creating for the benefit of Kazakhstan. In it, the President of the country shares his far–sighted views on how two particularly important processes of revival for Kazakhstan - political reform and modernization of the economy - will step into the future to become a united nation and change the mass consciousness.

National revival is closely connected with national consciousness. Its ultimate goal is to become a competitive, successful country, preserving national identity, harmonizing peace and harmony within the country, forming national prosperity and unity. "At the same time, the concept of modernization is the oldest, it implies getting rid of certain skills and habits that are not related to the global world," N.A. Nazarbayev said. Therefore, we consider the Rouhani zhangyru process a timely and positive decision. This spiritual modernization must be carried out together with you and us "head from one shore, hand from one sleeve". This is the noble dream of the head of state - to be a competitive, internationally recognized and developed country of spiritual perfection. We believe that the President's initiative to give a new impetus to young people is an attempt to take care of the future.

The President of the country pays special attention to education and science on his platform. "Deep knowledge is the pillar of our independence," N.A.Nazarbayev attaches great importance to the fact that independent Kazakhstan, which has joined Mangilik El, has become a mentally mature person with deep knowledge, competitiveness, national values, who has preserved the national code so that it no longer disappears before globalization as a nation. In this direction, he expresses common sense and wise judgment associated with the heritage of our ancestors: "the desire to be educated, open, cheerful is what is in our blood. A lot of work has been done over the years of independence. We have trained and trained tens of thousands of young people at the best universities in the world. This work began with the Bolashak program, which was launched in the early nineties of the last century. A number of very high-level universities have been opened in the country, and a system of intellectual schools has been formed. Many other things have been done. However, the triumph of education should be universal. He has both obvious and irrefutable reasons"" Thus, at the heart of every thought expressed in the article is a deep content and a balanced opinion.

At the same time, N. A. Nazarbayev separately dwells on several directions of modernization of the consciousness of society as a whole and of every citizen of Kazakhstan. Justifying the content of the "modernization of consciousness", the President identifies six areas of modernization: 1. competitiveness; 2. Pragmatism; 3. Preservation of national identity; 4. the triumph of knowledge; 5. evolutionary, not revolutionary development of Kazakhstan; 6. openness of consciousness.

All these directions are maximally updated and clearly meet the requirements of the time. In order to become "Mangilik el", we need our country to be civilized, competitive, if there are many people with mature intelligence and global sciences. "The success of a nation in the future is determined not by its natural resources, but by the competitiveness of its people. Therefore, every citizen of Kazakhstan, thereby an entire nation, should have qualities worthy of the XXI century. For example, factors such as computer literacy, knowledge of foreign languages, cultural openness are an absolute prerequisite for everyone's advancement.

The Head of State N. A. Nazarbayev in the program article "Looking into the future: modernization of public consciousness", looking back at the past of history, giving a comprehensive assessment of new historical periods, expressed his wise opinion and vision of the future through spiritual modernization. "At the junction of two epochs, Kazakhstan is given an unprecedented historical opportunity to strengthen its future through radical modernization and new ideas... I am sure that Kazakhstanis, especially the younger generation, deeply understand the importance of these modernization proposals.

List of used literature:

1. The article of the Head of State "Focus on the Future: Spiritual Renewal"


Year: 2021
City: Shymkent
Category: Medicine