Information and communication technology in stomatology

Annotation. Up to date there are undergoing changes in the health care system and now the modern automated information technologies are implemented in all area of greater activity, and now the basic skills of working with a personal computer are important not only for physicians but for all health personnel. The article describes the prospects for the introduction of modern technologies and programs for the improvement and optimization of dental service.

Key words: stomatology, information and communication technology (ICT), prospects.

Information technology - a set of methods, production, United in the technological chain, providing the collection, processing, storage, transmission and display of information. ICT in health care is becoming a point of growth in the field of information and computer technology, and includes: video conferencing, mobile solutions, document management systems, accounting systems, electronic medical records, decision support systems for administration and clinicians, clinical protocols and medical portals [1].

The purpose of our research is to study the most widely known programs of more developed countries in the direction of information technology in dentistry, which can be applied in an improved or the same form in Kazakhstan.

Materials and methods: CENTAUR SOFTWARE, an Australian company, has developed the program "Dental4Windows" to maintain a database of patients, registration of all medical documentation in electronic form, planning and support of the treatment process, accounting and management of the medical enterprise.

Conclusions: the introduction of the Dental4Windows system provides "transparency" of all processes in the medical organization and makes it possible to effectively manage the clinic - to promptly monitor the work of administrators and doctors, to plan and analyze the work of departments and the organization as a whole. The program Dental4Windows allows you to dramatically improve the efficiency of the clinic, both financially and in the medical aspect. The system allows to significantly increase the turnover of the clinic within a few months from the date of implementation [3].


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Year: 2018
City: Shymkent
Category: Medicine