The effect of the mask on the basis of activated charcoal and gelatin on the face

Introduction. Residents of megacities are faced with the fact that the skin requires protective equipment in the fight against bad environmental conditionsevery day. The influence of ecology is in the first place among the main causes of skin aging, in addition to the well-known negative factors such as stress and unhealthy diet, diseases and disorders of metabolism, passive lifestyle and bad habits. All of the above aspects lead to a number of problems, for example: dryness and lethargy of the skin, pore contamination, redness and allergic reactions, the appearance of premature wrinkles [1]. To get rid of these ailments of the skin will help mask, that relieves irritation, revitalizes and prevents the reproduction of bacteria.

Objects and methods of research.The objects of the study are two ingredients: activated charcoal and gelatin. One of the most effective products in the pursuit of clean skin at home is a mask with activated charcoal and gelatin. This is an alternative to the strips of black dots, which are sold in stores, as the mask can be prepared on the basis of ingredients available in each house, and most importantly – it is much cheaper and more efficient. The recipe for the mask of gelatin and activated carbon is extremely simple. Minimum ingredients, minimum effort and maximum result.

Results and discussions.Ingredients of this recipe are:

1 tablet of activated carbon;

5 g gelatin;

5 ml of water.

The proportions can be adjusted independently, but this amount is enough for two or three layers. First of all, it is necessary to weigh all the necessary substances for the mask, then grind the right amount of coal into powder with a mortar, then mix it with dry gelatin powder. Then add water and thoroughly mix all the ingredients until the same consistency. Dishes with the resulting mixture put in a water bath and stir until completely dissolved gelatin. As the mask cools down a bit and will have a thicker, but not thickened, consistency, it is necessary to apply it to the cleansed and steamed face on the T-zone, nose wings, forehead and chin in several layers of driving movements, so that the composition could penetrate much deeper into the skin, and the cleaning itself will become more effective. Wait for 2025 minutes and then gently remove the mask-film smooth movement from the bottom up, which will be the remains of dirty skin, then it is necessary to close the pores [2].

As a result, we have received a gelatin mask with activated carbon, which is good because it consists of natural products that are useful for the skin. They help to improve skin condition in several ways.

Carbon in activated charcoal absorbs dirt from clogged pores, deeply cleanses the skin and removes dead skin cells. It acts as a natural detoxifying agent that removes impurities from the first application. It soothes inflamed skin, which reduces the number of acne, and helps to reduce redness on the skin (prevents the appearance of rashes and infections due to antimicrobial properties). Regular use of a mask based on black coal helps to smooth the first facial wrinkles, the skin gets a beautiful tone. Also removes shine [3].

Gelatin is a substance of natural origin. It is made from animal cartilage and contains skin-friendly trace elements as well as collagen, which is so important to prolong youth. All gelatin masks differ in that they form a film in the process of drying, which promotes the best penetration of active elements into the pores. Thus, gelatin smoothes the surface of the skin; tones and refreshes; normalizes metabolic processes in skin cells, due to the presence of protein, which in gelatin is 85% of the composition; exfoliates the dead cells [4].

Conclusion. As a result of practical tests of the mask on the faces of 12 volunteers, we can say that the mask of activated charcoal and gelatin is an excellent effective tool that can qualitatively clean the skin, eliminate black dots and pimples, as well as smooth out fine wrinkles and even out the tone.



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Year: 2018
City: Shymkent
Category: Medicine