Research of therapeutic-prophylactic shampoo with arginine

Health and beauty of hair depend not only on their care, but also on the state of the body. Often the hair becomes thin and falls through the fault of the person. Unfortunately, many external factors can easily cause quite strong harm to our hair. Sun exposure and frequent scratching can destroy the cuticle, which protects the base of the hair. As a result, they become dry and brittle.

Nails and hair are also protein. For their health, regular consumption of protein foods is absolutely necessary, otherwise the body will have nowhere to take building material. With protein deficiency, hair becomes thin, weak and dull, grows poorly and splits, and nails begin to break and split. And one of the important amino acids for hair is arginine.

Shampoos containing natural ingredients of natural origin are in demand, having a positive effect on the hair and scalp of a person [1].

Research methods. We conducted a survey among women of the city of Shymkent about their use of shampoo with natural ingredients. 100 people were interviewed. The survey was conducted in the supermarkets "Magnum", "Metro" and "Firkan". According to the study, it was proved that 30% of residents use natural shampoo, 10% use other chemical ingredients, and 10% use homemade shampoo, 50% use shampoo for their hair type. And in the end, we found out that natural shampoos are now in great demand, as they are more secure and give a good and long lasting effect.

The aim of the study was to develop on the basis of the studied literature data the composition and technologist of the medical- prophylactic in the form of shampoo with arginine.

Materials for research. Arginine is an amino acid, also known as L-arginine, which is important for cell growth. Arginine is very important for maintaining healthy liver and strengthening the immune system. It enhances the synthesis of collagen in the body, which accelerates the healing process of wounds. Arginine is needed for muscle metabolism, and it forces weight loss by reducing the percentage of adipose tissue. With many problems with skin, hair and overall health, L-arginine has proven to be super effective [2].

Arginine has become a fashionable component of shampoos, balsams and conditioners, hair masks. Some manufacturers of shampoos, conditioners, conditioners, sprays, and arginine hair masks promise 95% improvement in hair condition, provided that these products are used continuously throughout the month.

Arginine improves the blood supply to the hair follicles, allowing them to get maximum nutritional components for normal growth, shine and restoration of structure.

Arginine has a complex beneficial effect on hair. Here are some examples. This amino acid, synthesized by our body, dilates blood vessels and improves blood flow to the skin of the scalp and the base of the hair follicles. Hair care products with arginine make up levels that affect the development and function of hair follicles or weaken the hair shaft, and due to this they promote growth and strengthening of hair. Arginine helps protect hair from aggressive chemical compounds and high temperatures. This is one of the reasons why arginine is part of almost all hair dyes [3,4].

Conclusions: At the moment, in the laboratory of the Department of Drug Technology South Kazakhstan Medical Academy, experimental work is underway to select the optimal composition of shampoo with arginine. Nowadays, people use foreign brands as “ELSEVE Arginine Strength”, “LANOTECH with Arginine”, “Nua volume with arginine”, which contains Arginine. But we want to create our own domestic brand, which will be more useful and effective. Work in this direction continues.


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Year: 2018
City: Shymkent
Category: Medicine