Determination of flavonoides in the extract of lonicera korolkowii leaves


Flavonoids are widely distributed in the plant world and are used in pharmacy. In this work we studied the extract of Lonicera Korolkovii leaves. A quantitative determination of the total content of flavonoids in a 70% aqueous-ethanol extract of raw material in terms of luteolin-7-glucoside by differential spectrophotometry was carried out. It was found that the content of the sum of flavonoids in the investigated plant is 3,11%.

Key words: flavonoids, extract, Lonicera, spectrophotometry, Caprifoliaceae.

Virtually all plants contain flavonoids and more than 4000 of these substances are now identified [1]. Some flavonoids are stronger antioxidants than в-carotene, vitamins C and E [2]. Their antioxidant activity is manifested due to their synergism with vitamins, allows the use of these substances in the production of food products [3]. Also, flavonoids are used in the manufacture of cosmetic products to protect the skin from premature aging, sunburn, acne, removal of inflammatory processes and reduction of the fragility of the blood capillaries [4]. Interest as a new raw source of flavonoids represents Lonicera Korolkowii plant of the legume family (Caprifoliaceae).

The purpose of this work is to determine the quantitative content of flavonoids in the extract of Lonicera Korolkowii, growing in the South Kazakhstan region

Methods and materials. An extract of Lonicera Korolkowii leaves was investigated. The method of standardization of raw materials was used in the work, which consists in quantitative determination of the total content of flavonoids in 70% aqueous-ethanol extract of Lonicera Korolkowii in terms of luteolin-7-glucoside by differential spectrophotometry. The total content of flavonoids was calculated by the formula:

d 50 х 5000

401 х а

where D is the optical density of the test solution; 401 is the specific absorption index of the luteolin-7-glucoside complex with aluminum chloride; a - a sample of the drug in grams [5].

The results of the study showed that the content of the amount of flavonoids in the plant Lonicera Korolkowii is 3,11%.

Conclusions. Thus, given the high content of flavonoids in the extract of Lonicera Korolkowii, their undoubted importance in the manifestation of the biological activity of this raw material, it seems expedient to study the Lonicera Korolkowii component composition to substantiate the possibility of standardizing this herbal raw material by the content of flavonoids, and also to obtain the biologically active substances of the extract from this plants for the purpose of their application in medicine and pharmacy.

Year: 2017
City: Shymkent
Category: Medicine