Ointment technology on the bases of extract from medicinal raw materials and analysis of quality

The actuality of research: Medicinal preparations of plant origin are widely used in medical practice, as compared with synthetic, less toxic, harmless and have high pharmacological activity. In the Republic of Uzbekistan, stocks of medicinal plant raw materials for the production of natural preparations are sufficient, which allows developing and introducing domestic preparations in accordance with the requirements of the current program for import substitution of medicines. Ointment is one of the ancient forms of drug. At present, the application ointments of medicinal forms based on natural raw materials is considered an important function for the production of pharmaceutical technology.

The aim of the research: Development of the composition and technology of the basis of liquid extract obtained from local plant raw materials and analysis of quality.

Research methods and materials: As objects of research, sage leaves, horsetail grass and yarrow herb were used. To obtain liquid extracts, 70% ethyl alcohol was used as the extractant. To obtain liquid extracts are determined by the ratio of medicinal raw materials and the extract volume obtained, which is 1: 1: 1. Production of liquid extracts by conducting by extraction of plant material by percolation. [1,2] The next stage of the work was the development of the composition and technology of the ointment using the resulting mixture of liquid extracts from vegetable raw materials in an amount of 10%. The emulsion base was chosen as the basis. The technology of the ointment consists in that first the liquid extract from the plants is emulsified with an emulsifier (lanolin anhydrous), then Vaseline is added in parts until a homogeneous masslike mass is obtained. The resulting emulsion ointment was left for a day to form the structure, then the evaluation of its quality. The obtained emulsion ointment was left for a day to form a structure, then the quality of the ointment was made. [2] 58 To assess the quality of the ointment, the following qualitative indices were determined: the species (organoleptically by smell and color), the determination of colloidal stability by centrifugation in the centrifuge TsUM-1 at 1500 times / min, for 5 minutes, thermostability in a TM thermostat at 40 degrees for 6 hours , pH determination in aqueous extract of the ointment (1:10) potentiometrically and spreadability.[3]

Results: As is the case with the studies, the emulsion ointment based on the liquid extract of plant raw materials meets the requirements for the parameters of colloid stability, thermal stability, spreadability and рН=6.8.

Conclusions: Thus, the composition and technology of the ointment have been developed. The study of the correspondence of the qualitative characteristics of the proposed ointment was carried out.


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Year: 2017
City: Shymkent
Category: Medicine