Phytochemical research of root phlomis salicifolia of flora south Kazakhstan

Introduction. Actively developing all over the world researches of chemistry area of natural compounds are constantly increasing the number of medicinal species. In this regard, the search for new species of medicinal plants, their introduction in scientific medicine and expanding resource base remains the actual task [1].

Medicinal Plants are a valuable raw material for a wide range of phytopreparations and therapeutic pharmacological actions that are fast, do not possess cumulative properties and less undesirable side effects.

In folk medicine, Phlomis salicifolia is used to treat colds, pneumonia, tuberculosis, diseases of the circulatory system - improved hypertension, bad blood clotting, anemia, edema of cardiac origin, increased vascular permeability, and others. A wide range of actions shows the prospects of the study of the plant [2-3].

Objective: phytochemical research of root Phlomis salicifolia of flora southern Kazakhstan.

Materials and methods. Air-dry raw root portion of the test plants were harvested in South Kazakhstan in Kaskasu and Boraldai. To identify performed macroscopic, microscopic analysis of raw materials, as well as determined by its high quality (humidity) in the State Pharmacopoeia XI - Publishing (Volume 1) [4]. Organic solvents used for extraction, they are: hexane, benzene and 96% -ethyl alcohol. For the detection of the main groups of biologically active substances in plant material used phytochemicals reaction. Infrared spectral analysis conducted on the obtained device extracts Infralum FT-08.

Results and discussion. 1. As a result, the phytochemical reactions Phlomis salicifolia root detected flavonoids, mucus, amino acids, alkaloids, saponins, tannins, polysaccharides.

Goodness of raw materials:



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Year: 2016
City: Shymkent
Category: Medicine