Design of oral dispersible tablets with echinacea extract

Introduction. Today there is a problem of lowering immune system in the world. Some studies have evaluated the immunologic effects of Echinacea (E. purpurea). Several experts prove that the polysaccharides of Echinacea are the primary active ingredients for immune modulating effects [1].

Sometimes people can have inconvenience in medication intake and disintegrating ordinary tablets when water is not available on the way or tablet size may be large for easy swallowing. For these and other reasons, tablets that may quickly disperse in oral cavity have attracted a great deal of attention. Oral dispersible tablets are uncoated tablets that dissolve or disintegrate in the mouth with a good taste and flavor without the chewing or need of water.

As the prevention of disease and maintenance of immunity for adults and children over 12 years herbal medications from Echinacea may be prescribed by doctors which should be taken 1 -2 tablets a day for an interval of 5-10 days.

Aim of the Research. Development of the scientifically and experimentally grounded technology of the immunostimulant medicine on the basis of Echinacea soft extract in an oral dispersible tablets form is the aim of this research.

Materials and methods. The research methods were used for tablets according to the State pharmacopoeia of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Results and discussion. The oral dispersible tablets were obtained by the hybrid granulation. One tablet contained 40-60 mg of Echinacea soft extract. All dry components were passed through 60 mesh sieve separately. During the preparation of medicine the sequence of component mixing is very important. The first some components were mixed with soft extract and then wet mass was dried without previous granulation. The dry mass was granulated in the lab granulator and granules with 1 mm size were obtained. Granules were compressed into biconvex tablets on a laboratory scale single-punch tablet machine after the powdering. The punch with a diameter of 10 mm was used. The total tablets weight was 300-500 mg. The product was stored in airtight containers.

Conclusions. The oral dispersible tablets with Echinacea extract were evaluated for all pharmaco- technological parameters which were found to be within the acceptable level of quality.

List of literature

1. Kumar K.M. and Sudha Ramaiah. Pharmacological importance of Echinacea purpurea // Int. J. of Pharma and Bio Sciences, 2011, Vol. 2 Issue 4, p. 304-314.

Year: 2016
City: Shymkent
Category: Medicine