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Цель нашей работы - изучение аминокислотного и минерального состава травы чертополоха поникшего

Слово «этика» произошло от греческого «ethos», что в переводе означает обычай, нрав. Нравы и обычаи наших предков и составляли их нравственность, общепринятые нормы поведения.

Артериальная гипертензия (АГ) является важнейшей медико-социальной проблемой. У 30% взрослого населения развитых стран мира определяется повышенный уровень артериального давления (АД) и у 12-15 % - наблюдается стойкая артериальная гипертензия

Целью нашего исследования явилось определение эффективности применения препарата «Гинолакт» для лечения ВД у беременных.

Целью нашего исследования явилось изучение эффективности и безопасности препарата лазолван 30мг у амбулаторных больных с ХОБЛ.

Деформирующий остеоартроз (ДОА) в настоящее время является наиболее распространенным дегенеративно-дистрофическим заболеванием суставов, которым страдают не менее 20% населения земного шара.

Целью работы явилась оценка анальгетической эффективности препарата Кетанов (кеторолак трометамин), у хирургических больных в послеоперационном периоде и возможности уменьшения использования наркотических анальгетиков.

Для более объективного подтверждения мембранно-стабилизирующего влияния карбамезапина и ламиктала нами оценивались перекисная и механическая стойкости эритроцитов у больных эпилепсией

Нами было проведено клинико-нейропсихологическое обследование 250 больных с ХИСФ (работающих в фосфорном производстве Каратау-Жамбылской биогеохимической провинции)

C использованием разработанных алгоритмов и моделей был произведен анализ ситуации в системе здравоохранения биогеохимической провинции. Рассчитаны интегрированные показатели здоровья

Специфические особенности Каратау-Жамбылской биогеохимической провинции связаны с производством фосфорных минеральных удобрений.

Technology of plant fees adaptogenic effect used in pediatric patients

Introduction:Mental and physical stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression, infectious and somatic diseases accompanied by modern man, so it is very important to know how to reduce the impact of these and improve the quality of life. To improve health, improve the body's defenses are capable of so-called adaptogens.

It assumes that the implementation in adaptogenic effect plays the role of the adaptive gain RNA and protein synthesis, enzyme activity of energy metabolism and regeneration processes. At the heart tonic effect is the activation of metabolic, endocrine and autonomic regulation. However, they have little stimulating effect (on the severity and speed of development is much inferior to psychostimulants and tonic medicines), stimulate the specific and non-specific immunity and increase resistance to infection, as well as improve the tolerability of the body of environmental factors (high and low ambient temperature , intoxication, radiation, etc.) Various diseases associated with the decline of the immune system lead to remission of adverse events, adverse effect on the psychological and physical condition of the child. Using raw herbal adaptogenic funds material leads to improvement of the state as a whole which affects in metabolism.

Aim of research: Development of composition and optimal technology acquisition based on vegetable raw materials which has a tonic effect on the body of the child. The proposed structure of the collection is designed for use in complex treatment after the operating conditions, as well as mental, physical fatigue.

Materials and methods: As the plant material grass motherwort were chosen aerial part Kalanchoe and Sedum in a ratio of 3 : 2 : 2.

The grass Leonurus contains essential oil, saponins, glycosides, bitter and tannins, vitamin C, four alkaloids, choline. Flavonoloved glycosides, mainly rutin, essential oil (traces), saponins, alkaloids stahidrin, tannins, carotene. The Siberian motherwort, collected during flowering, an alkaloid found leonurin. Pharmacological properties. Motherwort drugs have sedative properties, lower blood pressure, slow heart rate, possess anticonvulsant activity in the experiment. Has a beneficial effect on carbohydrate and fat metabolism, reduce blood glucose, lactic and pyruvic acids, cholesterol, total lipids in the blood, normalizes protein metabolism. Aerial part Kalanchoe contains flavonoids (zhealin, quercetin, kaempferol),organic acids (malic, acetic, citric, oxalic), tannins, polysaccharides, some enzymes (e.g., dehydrogenase malic acid, oxalic acid carboxylase), vitamins (including C and P..), minerals, micro and macro elements (aluminum, iron, magnesium, calcium, copper, silicon and manganese). Aerial part Sedum contains a high amount of ascorbic acid. Raw materials were weighed in technical scale. For the grinding of the aerial parts of up to 2 mm using scissors. The dried roots are ground and rubbed using mortars pressing pestle. Screening produced in the respective sieve size. Also, all parts and plant species after purified from dust. Separation of dust carried by sieving the crushed particles through a sieve of 0,2 mm.

The following process steps have been applied to research: crushing and screening plant material, Mixing ground plant material, the addition of salts , essential oils and other drugs prescribed in fees, packing, packaging and processing for the holiday.Mixing in general in fired mortar with a spatula the following order : first mixed vegetable materials prescribed in smaller quantities, and then gradually added prescribed in large amounts and stirred to obtain a uniform mixture. For the preparation and evaluation of the quality of the collection of mortars of different sizes were used, a plastic spatula, drying cabinet, weighing bottles, scales, reagents for identification and quantification of biologically active substances.

Results: After thoroughly mixing the visual appearance of the identified collection. It has been found that the proposed composition of the collection has a specific aroma and slightly sour taste. The particle size of the same is not greater than 2 mm. After release of dust mass 2 ml of water were sprayed. And uniformly moistened mass is dried in an oven at a temperature not higher than 60 ° C to constant weight. Then packed in cellophane placed in a cardboard box. To determine the authenticity of the collection of average sample taken analytical sample weighing 10.0 g, was placed on a clean and smooth surface composite components identified in appearance by treating them with the naked eye and with a magnifying glass ( 10x ) . It was found that all investigated pieces have diagnostic utilities of the kinds of raw materials included in a collection. The proposed composition of the collection identified : the content of the active ingredients (according to the methods specified in the definition of the relevant specification) . The results showed compliance with the standards of the plant material , that enforcement of regulations. Humidity collection was 0.05 % ; ash content equal to 0.4 % ash and insoluble in 10% hydrochloric acid solution was 0.007 , the impurities are absent (tabl.1).

Table 1 - The results of quality analisis by GPh

Visual appearance


Determine the authenticity


Content equal

a specific aroma and slightly sour taste

plant parts are fixed


0.05 %

0.4 %

Conclusion:According to pharmacological studies developed by the medicinal collection, adaptogenic action and offered an optimal reception technology. Preliminary assessment of the quality of vegetation composition showed satisfactory results. Research in this area continues.


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