Strategy of prophylacticmeasures to decrease the iodindeficit states in the south Kazakhstan area


The plan of marketing and the scheme of planning of actions for elimination of iodic deficit is offered. The analysis which allowed to estimate threats from an external inviranment is carried out.

Introduction: The prophylactic of iodindeficit diseases in one of the main priority stream of health protection in many countries of the world. According to WHO's reports for about 2 billiard people and 31% children among them live conditions of natural deficit of iodine.The spectrum of diseases is unfavorable for any age, but ispecially for children.

Aims: The development of methodelogical approaches in improving the medical conditions in prophylactic of iodic preparations.

Materials and research methods: (pic1). The statistic data of health condition among the population in the Republic of Kazakhstan was used for research analysis. Information from histories of diseases data of sociological researches; results of expert estimations; data from the assortment of pharmacies. The methods of marketing analysis and sociological researches were used in process.

Pic1. Disease of thyroid glands ^ ▲The morbidity of diseases endocrine system

■—The morbidity of diseases of thyroid glands

Results: We have studied statistical data about the diseases of the endocrine system among the population the south Kazakhstan region it is determined that on the half of Kazakhstan territory lack of iodine in soil, water, food products has beem discovered. The center of endemic goiter are registered in 11 from 14 regions of Kazakhstan. The dynamic analysis of diseases in morbidity of the endocrine system in the South Kazakhstan is revealed on the hight level in

The disease analysis of thyroid glands for the last 5 years is revealed the predominance of patho logy of endemic goiter. Now for the prophylactic of such patho logies it's necessary to use on extra portion iodine with food. However, it's not endugh to use only this method. Except, this measure, neclassary to have an individual must be poin on children, pregnant women and fleding mothers, because they are in hight risk group.

In iodinedeficit districts except iodinetreated salt it's necessary to use iodic preparations. It was studied the assortment of pharmacies in South Kazakhstan and it nomenclature of preparations for prophylactic of conditions. Was conducted the analysis of assortment was conducted also it's endexes: depth, width and plenitude.

We have developed the marketing planning of primary events on liquidation of iodine deficit in the region South Kazakhstan.

The marketing planning includes next divisions:


current marketing situation


marketing strategies

marketing plans

Financial plans

methods of control in fulfilling the plan

Three basic types of strategies were distinguisted:

defence which is used as the prevention of loss of existent consumers

developing - intends the expansion of assortment of goods and services

attacking is directed on bringing in new customers

We give the priority to attacking strategy because exactly in attacts attention of the new customers.

This strategy answers the demands of the customs. In is also recommended to use protective strategy with the purpose of preventing the bess of real customers. It was conducted preliminary marketing analysis. It included the analysis and the estimation of different aspects of activities of enterprise.

As the result weak points were educed both marketing conception and marketing plan were worked out.

We carried out SWOT analysis that estimated poscibilities and threts from exteriority.

The analysis help to determin our strength and weakness. The strategic operations were further worked out under certain directions of activities such as coomodity prices. At development of marketing plan it is necessary to take into account the presence of analogs of iodine prepations. That is to say it's necessary to take into account the information in the questions of prophylactic among the population.

This it agrees the stratedic directions we have worked out the marketing plan

Plan of marketing activities


Necessary activities


To provide booklets

To envisage the separate types of the sdded commodity for doctors and for consumers. Informative sketches for consumers


To use different tacticts of pricing. For pensioners for large families and so on.


To attract specialists on merchandising and make the estimated expenses. To envisage updating chemists shop - windows, by posters


To use information about the promotion in massmedia. To prepare the script for television program with the participation of doctors


To work out the system of discount and promotion of medicine. To include the discounts for pensioners


To organize lottery with prizes for customers of this preparations




Marketing plan and planning chart were offered on liquidation of iodic deficit


We offered SWOT - analysis which allowed us to estimate possibilities and threats


According to SWOT - analysis we worked out the strategic positions of marketing definite directions


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Year: 2013
City: Shymkent
Category: Medicine