The contribution of nasipa junisbai to the development of sports journalism in kazakhstan


Nesip Zhunisbayev- Kazakhstan sports journalist, writer, master of sports of the Kazakh SSR at the national game togyzkumalak, judge of the highest category, honored coach of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Nesip Zhunisbayev - journalist, writer, master of sports of Kazakhstan on the national game Oftogyzkumalak (1987), honored coach of Kazakhstan (1998), President of the Association of sports journalists of Kazakhstan, judge of the' highest category, member of the Union Ofjournalists and writers of Kazakhstan, member of the Executive Committee of the Asian Union of sports press.

N. Zhunisbayev-Champion of the first Olympics of Kazakhstan (1984), the first President of the Federation for the game togyzkumalak.

The contribution to the development of sports journalism of Kazakhstan

N. Zhunisbayev was highly appreciated by the government. He is the winner of the Union of journalists of Kazakhstan, the winner of the presidential prize in the field of media.

N. Zhunisbaev was born on 10 December 1950 in the village Carbolic Karatal district of Almaty region. He graduated from the faculty of journalism of KazGU. S. M. Kirova and Institute of physical culture. In 1975-1991, he worked as head of the sports Department in the newspaper «Леніншіл жас», editor-in- chief of the newspaper «SPORT&ks» (1991). His mentor in sports journalism, he believes SeidakhmetBerdikuIova. Peru NesiaZhunisbaeva owns about twenty books on sporting topics: «Басиемін!»,«Ережесіз белдесу», «Үшінші раунд», «Олимпийский маршрут»е!с[1].

It should be noted That N. Zhunisbayev is the initiator and organizer of the creation in the 90s of the national football sports club «Намыс». He had to pester organizations, entrepreneurs, to be at the reception of the Deputy Prime Minister of the country and ask to support his initiative: the funds were needed for the maintenance and equipment of a team of one hundred people, for training camps, trips to competitions. In this difficult case, N. Zhunisbaev really felt only popular support. About the difficulties that he had to experience in this case, he says in his book «Басиемін!»[2].

In various speeches, in the Newspapers and magazines of the country

NesipZhunisbaev raises the urgent issue of the Kazakhstan sports.

So, in the article «Қазақ спорты, қайда барасың?», published in the newspaper «Ана тілі» he writes about the measures that in his opinion are necessary for the further development of sports in Kazakhstan:

  1. Active involvement of the masses in physical culture and sports;
  2. in the year of the village to open sports grounds in them;
  3. To select talented aul girls and boys, to support them at the Republican level;
  4. Create a Ministry of sports. Open and expand the powers of committees and agencies of physical education and tourism;
  5. To create a State Council to prepare for the summer Olympics;
  6. Do not give privatize individuals such major sport facilities as the Central stadium, Medeu, Shymbulak, the Palace of sports.
  7. The state of football in the Republic. Stop inviting and attracting Legionnaires to the football team;
  8. Not involved in sport Kazakhstan Kazakh youth.

N. Zhunisbayev wrote about the need for a separate Ministry of sports, which would fully take a direct part in solving the most pressing problems in the field of sports and physical culture.

He constantly spoke about the need to select talented young people from the villages. These guys in the future would sport the exploits of Abilseit Aykhanov, Abdisalan Nurmakhanov, Oct Zharylgapova, Amina Tuyakova, Timur Segizbayev, Zhaksylyk Ushkempirov, Shamil Serikov, Serik Konakbaev. Rather than attract athletes from abroad and pay them a lot of money, it would be more expedient to prepare their own national staff [3].

Another important issue raised by Nesip Zhunisbaeva - the question of the training of sports journalists. He wrote about the need to educate staff in this area. Issues and problems of sport should be covered on a regular basis, and not from time to time, on days when the President of our country hosts the Olympics or Olympians. Sports journalists should acquaint the younger generation with the heroes of Kazakhstan of sports: Kazhymukan, the BaIuanShoIak, Guzman, Amine, Askar, rope, swamps, After, Serik, etc.

In 2002, N. Zhunisbaev published in the newspaper «Егемен Қазақстан» article «Қазақтың спорттағы намысын қанғыбастар қорғамайды!»Тһеге he again urgently raises the issue of Kazakhstan football: in 16 local football teams play 150 guests for large fees Legionnaires! In a short time, they were issued passports of our country. The management and coaches of the teams are not interested in the education and training of local athletes. They are important momentary result of the game[4].

Noting the great role of physical culture and sports in strengthening the health of the nation N. Zhunisbayev writes about the need to adopt a state policy aimed at the development of physical culture of our Republic, to achieve good results it is necessary to build sports facilities, gyms for training our athletes.

In the following article «Қазақстан боксы жол айрығында тұр», published in the newspaper «Спорт» N. Zhunisbayev raises problems of Kazakh sport on the world stage. He regretfully States that recently the Boxing team of the Republic is inferior to the national team of Uzbekistan. N. Zhunisbayev explains this by the following factors:

  1. The problem Offinancing this sport.
  2. From the management team was ousted experienced coach A. Nurmahanov.
  3. The necessary conditions for athletes were not created.

As we have already noted, N. Zhunisbayev is the author of more than twenty books devoted to sports. In them, he introduces the reader to the development of sports in the country. Taking part in the coverage of the Olympics in Barcelona, Atlanta, Athens, and Nagano N. Zhunisbayev witnessed the victories of our sportsmen:

V. Zhirov, S. Sapiyev, B. Sattarhanova, and B. Artaev etc. In the materials he proudly talks about the moments when in Barcelona the standard-bearer of the national team D. Turlykhanov has come out with a flag of Kazakhstan, sounded the anthem of independent Kazakhstan in honor of our athletes' winners [5].

All articles and books by N. Zhunisbayev are very relevant today. It is no secret that not all issues related to Kazakhstan's sport have found a positive solution today. There are still questions and problems waiting to be solved.

Journalists who see sports journalism in the future need to be acquainted with the work of one of the luminaries of sports journalism NesipZhunisbayev, who contributed to the development of sports journalism in Kazakhstan.


In this article, the author examines the contribution of well-known sports journalist Necip Zhunisbai in the development of sports journalism in our country.


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