Formation of culture of communication and identification of mistakes of the speech of teachers


The pedagogical profession is carried to "speech" professions therefore it is possible with full authority to say that minimization of cultural and speech mistakes of teachers is an urgent pedagogical problem. Cultural and speech mistakes Ofteachers are a kind of professional and pedagogical mistakes. The term "about professionalno- pedagogical mistake" we define inadvertently wrong pedagogical action of the subject of professional pedagogical activity, giving individual professional pedagogical activity with professional and pedagogical norms and causing failure in achievement of the planned pedagogical result [1, 78].

For the teacher it is necessary to recognize the right for professional and pedagogical mistakes creative, research character if they entailed positive change of holes we professional pedagogical activity also didn't entail heavy negative consequences. P. L. Kapitsa wrote in due time: "Of course, all on light can be mistaken., but it is inevitable in the course of work, and at the correct assessment, even by mistake it is possible to judge force of mind of the person. Mistakes happen banal - but happen also ingenious... And first sign of the big person - he isn't afraid of mistakes neither at himself, nor at others" [2, 44].

V. A. Mizherikov pays attention that "studying on mistakes, creatively working teachers reconstruct the activity, create new the experience often surpassing in a number of parameters developed by this time on positive student teaching of school, area or city". [3, 69].

However there are types of professional and pedagogical mistakes (their reason - pedagogical ignorance), on which the teacher as the subject of professional activity has no right. It is senseless to punish for professional and pedagogical mistakes, as they are inadvertent (i.e. poorly realized) abnormality.

At the same time professional and pedagogical mistakes are one of risk of high degree of danger to all participants of educational process in productive (quality of education), procedural (quality of professional pedagogical activity), professional and personal (professional most feel teachers and psychosomatic wellbeing of school students) aspects. As to completely eliminate threat of emergence of professional and pedagogical mistakes in individual professional pedagogical activity it isn't represented possible, theoretically reasonable scientific and practical relation to it consists in the solution ofa problem of their minimization.


Cultural and speech mistakes of teachers as version professional-pedagogical of mistakes are characterized by inadvertent violation of pedagogical and expediency of speech behavior of the teacher [4, 28]. Question of cultural and speech mistakes of teachers blows to consider in the context of culture of the pedagogical speech which appearing a game creation standard of speech in general, "... places emphasis on a statement optimality and communication for the purposes and problems of teachingdoctrine-training" [4, 76].

Insufficient level of formation of cultural and speech competence teachers there can be the reason of information and explanatory errors, a lump of barriers in pedagogical communication, unethical speech behavior teachers. For example, information and explanatory errors of teaching about are as an unclear explanation of a subject, her unsystematic statement, complicated, pseudoscientific speech of the teacher, insufficient or excess emotionality of a statement maintenance of a training material. Communicative barriers in pedagogical communication prove as verbal, mimic and pantomimic intimidation, familiarity with pupils. The unethical speech behavior is expressed in shape the verbal aggression showing the teacher's intolerance to jokes, appearance of pupils, etc.

Characterizing cultural and speech mistakes of teachers, it is necessary to point that them consequences can be reversible and irreversible, considerable, constructive and destructive. Reversible mistakes, as a rule, can to be corrected, and irreversible - No. For example, if at a lesson design stage the mistake of unreasonably complicated and pseudoscientific statement is made containing of a training material, it can be in due time noticed and corrected. And if in pedagogical communication the teacher showed verbal aggression in the relation nickname, an opportunity for correction of this mistake can not appear.

Considerable consequences of mistakes lead to serious continuous violations, to failures, destabilization of all pedagogical system of any level of hierarchy. However in practice of pedagogical it is a little interaction of examples of insignificant consequences of mistakes as cultural and speech mistakes of teachers can generate at school students fear, easing of attention, memory, violation of dynamics of the speech, decrease motivation to the doctrine.

Constructive consequences result from commission of mistakes, at driving to unplanned positive pedagogical result, owing to what there is a refusal of former rules of speech behavior or their correction.

То number of the sociocultural factors promoting emergence cultural speech mistakes, it is possible to carry:

  • illegibility of public ideas of deontological, professional and pedagogical activity, caused by instability social and economic and spiritual and moral situation;
  • errors in the mechanism of transformation (embedding) as stable, and mobile mental values of society in the value purpose of education, difficulty in their description in language of a pedagogical axiology, complexity of specification of mental values in relation to levels and profiles professional pedagogical activity;
  • low status position of teachers in modern Russian society, at driving to the fact that teachers - as the social and professional group - isn't enough are adapted to a social environment. It provokes manifestation in professional behavior Ofteachers of such negative properties of the personality as it is violent, roughness, uncertainty in, uneasiness;
  • difficult economic situation of teachers as social and professional groups, attracting the compelled need of increase for most of them pedagogical loading that naturally generates over fatigue, acute shortage time for increase in the general and professional and pedagogical culture, deterioration states of health, professional and personal deformations;
  • elements of outdated experience of ordinary educational practice, having fixed in pedagogical culture as pedagogical my themes [5,16];
  • resistant tendency of feminization of a pedagogical profession;
  • insufficiency of tolerance of public consciousness which provokes manifestation of a pedagogical intolerance of teachers in difficult pedagogical system. The modern teacher should resist estimates of the becoming aggravated contradictions in the sphere of international communication, to consider the existing distinctions of interests of social groups and segments of the population, to reckon public with national mental sets and stereotypes consciousness of pupils and their parents.
  • . A. Kan - Kalik fairly emphasizes that "the teacher solves considerable the number of constantly arising communicative tasks, regulates process the general, stimulates process of participation of school students in it., looks for compliance of a technique influences and systems of communication" [6,167]. Let's note that the speech culture is rather exact marker of spiritual and moral culture of the identity of the teacher, "proves in ability to act on the basis of moral freedom, ethical point of view on all world around caused by system moral values, an activity orientation for the benefit of people around, societies in general" [7,72]. In the mode daily real pedagogical is qualitative to solve communicative problems at so high level awareness of the social importance of process and results of the work, responsible for the made pedagogical decisions not all teachers are capable. It the circumstance statistic need of development of a problem of minimization cultural and speech mistakes Ofteachers.
  • Didactic competence of speech behavior of the teacher is hoped that the teacher broadcasts universal experience of cultural heritage (including also its language component) in personal experience of pupils. Compliance the professional speech of the teacher to language norm in many respects defines adequacy from world picture in consciousness of school students, efficiency of influence educational information on formation of outlook of pupils, system of their views and valuable attitudes towards surrounding reality.
  1. The educational normalizing competence of speech behavior of the teacher about shows itself as demonstration in pedagogical interaction of that standard of culture the speech which becomes the standard allowing pupils to compare and estimate them own level of mastering cultural and speech norms. Owing to the teachers consequence on process of formation of the identity of the growing person the teacher creates the speech role models promoting formation individual of strategy of cultural and speech behavior of school students.
  2. Communicative and technological competence Ofspeech behavior of the teacher is defined by the fact that the teacher is the communicative leader in pedagogical communication. The standard of speech, providing communicative contacts of the teacher with pupils and other participants of educational process, is powerful professional tool ofthe solution of pedagogical tasks.
  3. Presentation and pedagogical competence of speech behavior of the teacher with that circumstance that the teacher proves as the personality and the professional first of all verbally, by means of language forms of communication. The speech of the teacher is integral indicator of its personal self-realization through the relation to language - to a factor of formation and unity of national culture; and professional- personal self-realization through the relation to professional pedagogically language-to a factor of development of professional and pedagogical culture.


Formation of cultural and speech competence of teachers is considered us as one of the most important components of complete process professional-personaI the selfimprovement of teachers originating at a high school stage professional and pedagogical preparation for implementation professional-pedagogical activity and gaining the development at a stage post-degree most educations Ofteachers.

For the successful solution of a problem of formation of cultural and speech competence the organization in the conditions of high school and post-degree education didactic-is necessary support of teachers in their independent search of individual accepted methods and development tools of culture of the pedagogical speech, and also inclusion in content of high school and post-degree pedagogical education of educational information about cultural and speech errors and ways of their minimization.



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Year: 2017
City: Atyrau
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