General characteristic of atyrau region


In Atyrau region when mainly it is concentrated oil and the oil reining Industry, is ecologically unsuccessful region industry, of Republic Kazakhstan. OH - extracting field is a principal resource impurity atmospheric air development long - gallous and opening up new deposits led to considerable increasing impurity atmosphere by sulfur - containing components. Most ofdeposits have not got established oil output technology. Along with oil is produced for the most number by - products deposit water and at the same time amount og gas which with due regard for are not utilized, but simply are ejected in environment in common with sanitary epidemic department is engaged supervision in qualitative water composition are made regular raids on water bodies in order to expose impurity water tanks by oil.

Atyrau region was formed in 1938 January, 15. It is at the west of Republic Kazakhstan by northern coast Caspian Sea and occupies a big part of Caspian Sea

Our region borders on West-Kazakhstan at north, at east - Aktyubinsk, southeast - Mangistau regions, at west - Astrakhan region of Russian Federation.

Population ofthe region is 457.7 thousand people, according to census from dare 1989 in our region are representatives of 63 nationalities and nations among them 339 thousand Kazakh people, 63.7 thousand Russian people, 4.9 thousand Tartar people, 3.7 thousand Ukraine people and other people.

There are one town and eight districts on territory of the region with area 118.6 th.sq. kilometers

Area of Atyrau region with north to south is 350 kilometers and with west to east is more 600 kilometers.

The most part of the territory Atyrau region is low (- lying) or slightly high plain, which is in near desert and desert area [1].

Climate is continental with cold winter and hot dry summer.

The main water artery is Ural river, which falls in Caspian Sea 45 kilometers to the south OfAtyrau.

All other rivers such as: Wil, Emba, Sagiz have stream only spring in period of flood (water).

According to type of nature ground cover and flora the territory is divided into four areas: seaside area, riparian - floodplain area, near desert - steppe area, sand area.

Fauna of our region is various.

There are sturgeon, starred sturgeon, white sturgeon, fine-mesh species of fish in Caspian Sea and rivers.

In geological respect Atyrau region occupies south near the side of the part Caspian hollow.

As a whole the territory has as usual for platforming regions double-level structure.

There is sedimentary mantle on base, which divided into subsalt, salt and persalt systems.

We found out unique deposits hydrocarbon and chemical resources on the territory Atyrau area.

We began to extract petroleum with 1911 in Atyrau area [2].

We revealed more 70 oil, oil and gas and condensed gas deposits. Oil resources of industrial categories on operating and prepared deposits is 840 million tons and the greater part is due to Tengiz oil field.

In our region one of the most big Kazakh American joint venture "Tengizchevroil", created by Republic Kazakhstan and corporation "Chevron" was formed and now successfully operates on the territory former Soviet Union.

The project provides for extraction on Tengiz oil field and export for hard currency from 6 to 9 billion barrels oil.

We completed the first stage realization of the forty-year project by cost 20 billion dollars as a result we provided productivity oil refining plant in bulk 85 thousand barrels for day (4 million tons\year).

The productivity may be increased up 175 thousand barrels for day (6 million tons/year) for short period.

The project is important for economical progress of Kazakhstan.

If we realize the project successfully we shall supply increase hard currency in our country and so we show all world that Kazakhstan is reliable place for investments and forming joint ventures.

It is well known Kazakh sector Caspian Sea is reservation where are locations sturgeon fishes and seals, other representatives flora and fauna Kazakh-Central-Asian region. At the same time according to forecast of Scientifics shelf Caspian Sea has great oil resources ten times exceeding than Tengiz oil field.

That is why Republic government took decision about execution works in the reservation with regard to special ecological conditions Kazakh sector Caspian Sea and in 1993 February,13 formed state company "Kazakhstan Caspishelf" [3].

In 1993 Desember, 3 we signed agreement about creation international consortium petroleum companies for realization complex program research and development Kazakh section Caspian Sea.

Leading world companies such as "Adzip" (Italy), "British Petroleum" (Great Britian) with Norwegian company "Stat oil", "British gas" (Great Britain), "Mobil" (USA)zllSheII" (Netherlands) and "Total" (France) took part in study SheIfCaspian Sea.

The next circumstances promotes the decision about participation of foreign companies:

  • possibility development big oil fields as resource constant receipt quality hydrocarbon source, which is important factor in planning strategy development onto perspective;
  • constant political regime, permitting with least risk to perfect perspective Kazakh market;
  • constant tax and legal situation-security forecasting receipt profits from investing facilities;
  • presence qualified staff oilmen helps to achieve results with the least expenses of facilities.

There are deposits different types of salt and building materials on the territory Atyrau region.

The territory Inder region is very rich in having deposits borates, rock salt. We found out industrial concentrations boron, brom, magnezium hydroxides in intercrystal natural brine lake Inder. We estimate resources up 21 billion tons, chalk-100 million tons. Due to developed and proved resources natural minerals on the territory Inder region we can begin constructions a big mining and chemical complex productions boric acid and derivatives on the basis of boron, potassium sulfate and magnesium sulfate, soda, different aluminoboride and other compositions, nonchlorinepotassic fertilizers and many other things [4].

Presence in Inder region reliable resources power and gas supply, railway "Makat-Inder", highways, qualified staff and workers of mining and geological exploration profile is favorable to creation the big mining and chemical complex in the region.

We found out industrial resources mineral water useful for medical treatment gastroenteric tract in Zhanasu, Turesai areas.

Fuel and power complex in the structure gross product of the region comes to 69%, chemical industry - 5%,agriculture - 12%

The leading industrial areas of the region are: petroleum area, oil refining area, chemical area, fish area.

More 50 industrial plants operate in the region, among them Atyrau oil refining plant, Atyrau chemical plant, petroleum and gas stock companies " Embamunaigas", "Tengizmunaigas", stock company "Atyraubalyk" - fish production and reprocess, industrial association "Dender" - production borate ore, the plant by Petrovsky - production oil field equipment and spare parts for it.

Characteristic of regional industry is predominant development areas of group "A" (more 71% in total bulk industrial production), specific weight mining area is high, the main product of the mining areas is raw material and semifinished products.

There are 42 agricultural companies and one hothouse, 9 fish - processing plants in the region. Farming lands of the region come to 99.6 th.sq. kilometers, among them plowed field - 0.25 th.sq. kilometers.

Sheep raising is traditional area Ofcattle breeding.

We breed sheep karakul and meat- fatty direction. 22 farms breed karakul sheep.

We store skins big cattle - 30-35 th.pieces, sheepskin- 350-400 th.pieces yearly.

We construct objects industrial and nonindustrial appointment. But construction complex ofthe region is developed slightly [2].

Presence on the territory Atyrau region deposits brick and claydite resources, building stone, sand, sandy-gravel blend, gypsum, limestone, hempseed husk. Silicate concrete, kirs having industrial importance creates favorable conditions for investing development modern building industry in the region.

Series the leading companies already have creating in Atyrau successfully operating joint ventures. Among them are Kazakh - Czechoslovakian "Kazpromstavba", Kazakh - Turkish "Atma" making transportations and service of aviapassengers.

30 joint ventures operating in the region, creating with help of foreign companies.

About 100 foreign juridical persons operating only on the territory Zhylyoi region, where is oil field "Tengiz".

Many businessmen and local companies take an interest in joint activity with foreign firms.

Stock company "Neftihimstroi" having base stocks - House building combinat with output - 55 th.sq. meteres dwelling/year, Wood working Combinatwith production window and door blocks and other goods offers to create output nonoutgoing wood reprocess for producing splint-stab covers, parquet panels, furniture and consumers goods: tanning, individual sewing good from leather.

Stock company "Aidyn" having 5 building organizations, plant ferroconcrete products with output 22 th.m. . cub.., autostock with base for 200 autoplaces and repair shop, management industrial - technical set with on the line warehouses, opening areas, equipped by lifting tackles offers investors who have outstanding technology to create joint venture for output parts one-story and two-story dwellings о base of the plant ferroconcrete products, organization sale and service building technology, autotransport, output consumers goods.

Stock company "PlantmetalIogoodsvOffers cooperation in creation joint ventures for output consumers goods. The plant is equipped by modern thermoplastrobortsof Japan production.

The company "Renbytechnica" offers service for realization and maintenance work everyday technology.

Stock company "Nazar" is ready to create joint venture for process skin and wool big and small cattle, Conctruction private houses, office buildings with application new technologies in Atyrau to get equipment (mini - plant) for pol refining, to cooperate with foreign banks in sphere long-term credit resources. Atyrau "Oblpotrebsouz" offers wool karakul and edilbai breed sheep in quantily 300 tons with delivery during year, also to submit for renting under mutually beneficial conditions restaurant "Tolkyn" (total area is 300 sq. meteres).

Stock company "Atyrau et combinat" offers cooperation in joint construction and reprocessing sheepskin, output soap.

Limited company "Krands - Autoservice" offers cooperation in joint construction and application set autocamping with giving all services (small repair, autowashing, vulcanization, visitors services, autorefueling), organization sale cars native an foreign production [3].

Stock company "Tulpar" offers organization transportation loading and passengers throughout Kazakhstan to Near and Far frontier.

Stock company "Atyrau zholdary" offers cooperation in joint construction and operation highways general use.



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Year: 2016
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